• Help an EoFFer to Dark Souls 2!

    Our very own loveable artist Pete for President is campaigning to get his artwork featured into the next game in the Dark Souls series. With his 'Homeland' Shield design, Pete is hoping to take down his competition - and you can help!

    He is currently holding strong, placed at number 29 in his category, but that's not enough to guarantee his success in this competition! With only 3 days left, Pete needs your help! So please go and vote for him via Facebook here. All Pete needs are some votes to keep him in his place until the competition ends. Now, I know you all get bored very easily... So why not do a good deed and give a vote to this great piece of artwork!

    Yeah, I thought you all would! Chop chop now, we haven't got all day!
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    1. Jinx's Avatar
      Jinx -
      I love Pete's artwork. Anything to get him more recognition!
    1. Night Fury's Avatar
      Night Fury -
      You do have to click through to about the third page, but you should see it!
    1. Flying Mullet's Avatar
      Flying Mullet -
      Is there a way to vote without logging into a Facebook app?
    1. Pete for President's Avatar
      Pete for President -
      Quote Originally Posted by Flying Mullet View Post
      Is there a way to vote without logging into a Facebook app?
      Unfortunately not, you'll have to have a Facebook account and log into the app. But the good news is you can always log out of the app after the voting round ends in 9 days! Votes will be so so so so appreciated
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