• Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XLV: To Be Released 2013 Summer

    Naoki Yoshida, the beloved producer of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, has released his 45th Letter from the Producer for our perusal. Itís pretty short, but contains the promise of lots of new content in the future Ė and most importantly, phase 3 of the A Realm Reborn beta!

    As we announced previously, phase 3 of FFXIV (which includes the PS3 beta) will be starting up in early June. This is somewhat behind schedule, but Yoshida seems comfortable that there will be no more lengthy delays.

    Soon, you again will be able to snuggle up with your loverís sprite.
    Just try not to decapitate him with your axe.

    That is because Yoshi-P has announced that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be released in the summer of 2013. As expected, the PC and PS3 versions will be simultaneously released around the world on the same date, which will be announced at the end of May. Significantly, preorders will be accepted after the release date is announced.

    But first, we have to finish the beta. Phase 3 will have a lot of new content, as Yoshi-P lists:

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi-P
    Phase 3 will include a multitude of changes based on feedback from the first and second phases, as well as the long-awaited commencement of PlayStation 3 testing. But that's not allówe're also adding Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa, nearly one hundred new FATE encounters, four additional dungeons, main scenario quests up to level 20, grand companies, provisioning missions, free companies; we're making revisions to the battle system, testing the transfer of characters from version 1.0óthe list goes on and on.
    Wow, and thatís just a quick list. Notable items from that include the Free Company system, which is basically FFXIVís new guild system, and the addition of new areas and a host of new dungeons. Yoshi-P said that they will begin ďtestingĒ the transfer of 1.0 characters, but itís not yet clear when those characters will be available for play.

    A big FATE monster in dire need of a haircut. With a lawnmower.

    Speaking of new content, though this wonít be available until after the final release, a dev team member has announced that stuffed animals will be available for housing decoration. I hope they include stuffed Final Fantasy references. If so, I call dibs on a Stuffed Unne.

    Yoshi-Pís next big announcement will be his seventh Live Letter. I donít think a set date for it has been announced, but it will probably be right around the start of phase 3. Weíll keep you updated!

    [Source: Letter from the Producer, XLV (05/10/2013)]
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      sounds like pretty sweet 't wait
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      More FATEs, woop
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