• Theme of the Week #4

    Welcome back to Theme of the Week! We’re up to our fourth entry now, and let me tell you – it feels just like yesterday since I was writing the last one. The weeks are just flying over! This is a good thing though, I love being kept busy – and writing about Final Fantasy music isn’t exactly what I’d call a chore! Now then, to my chosen piece….

    This week I’ve chosen a character theme that just blew me away when I recently heard it… I am of course talking about the serene ‘Relm’s Theme’ from Final Fantasy VI.

    Now, I’ve never actually played Final Fantasy VI, but this piece of music makes me want to. I’m also a pretty big fan of Terra’s Theme; the pieces in this game are just completely magnificent. Each characters theme song reflects so well on their individual story. Of course, as I’ve never played this game I had to do a little digging to get the scoop on Relm…

    According to the FF Wiki, Relm is a ‘sassy little girl’ and according to our own FF Wiki Loony_BoB, she is ‘not the strongest character in the game, but still a good little feisty kid.’ I think the theme certainly suits her well. I find that part of the melody is a bit sassy, but the rest hints to me that Relm, behind the sass, is actually a kind-hearted and gentle spirit. Relm's gift in life is her artistic talent. She spends much of her time painting, and using magic she can bring these paintings to life! As well as being able to bring paintings to life, Relm can also take control of opponents in battle. She sounds like my kinda gal!

    There wasn’t much to choose from for remixes of this song on YouTube. I’m quite sad that it isn’t as popular as some other belting Final Fantasy tunes. I did find this rather lovely vocal version of the song, it is very goosepimply (you’ve been warned!) This is taken from the album 'Love Will Grow' One of the lines of the song when translated into English means: “Finally paint the dawning sky in rainbow colours.” Which is of course rather apt as Relm is an artist. The lyrics are simple but gorgeous – and that lead vocal by Risa Ohki just blows me away.

    Now this, this is the version which made me fall in love with Relm. There’s something about the contrast of the calm orchestra and then the blasting notes from the bagpipes that make this utterly charming – and so, so, Relm. As I said earlier, there’s some sass and there’s some calm stirred in to make one brilliant piece. It’s completely in your face but will stay in the back of your mind for hours. I feel nothing but joy listening to this track.

    Relm’s Theme may not have the drama and determination of Terra’s Theme, or the longing for love of Celes’s Theme – but it has a delightful personality all of its own, and paints a truthful picture of the character for whom it is for.

    What are your thoughts on Relm’s Theme? Did I pick a good one? I hope this particular theme is as well loved by you as it is by me. It has to say something about a piece when you love it without having heard it in a game. Also, this week I am after suggestions for next week’s theme! Maybe you want me to go for one of the big ones like Aerith’s Theme or Eyes on Me… Just let me know!
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    1. FFIX Choco Boy's Avatar
      FFIX Choco Boy -
      I haven't played FFVI a whole lot, and I think I've only actually managed to beat it once, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask to critique a song from it. But I do fairly enjoy it, even if it's not exactly what I'm used to in terms of Final Fantasy music. I don't remember a whole lot about Relm, but I always like to picture Van from Chrono Cross when I think of her, and I actually think the comparison is fairly good. As to would this song fit Relm/Van? Yes, I believe so.

      Original: 8.4
      Risa Ohki's: 9.0 I think the vocals just make it a little more haunting and playful at the same time, and it feels like it fits the character so much more. As well, I'm a sucker for Japanese singing.
      FFMC's: 8.7 It's pretty close to the original, but I would say something about it makes it sound just a little better. As to what that something is, I'm not sure.

      I would suggest you go with something a little heavier than we've done so far next week, Locky. Like Otherworld or maybe even OWA.
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