• Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #38

    Hi there. It's yet a new week and we have ourselves a new set of fanart for you in this week's showcase. Hopefully there is something in there for everyone to enjoy, whether it's from an old school game like Final Fantasy to the modern Final Fantasy XIII. If there isn't, you are always welcomed to request a fanart for an upcoming showcase! Anyway, here's this week's Final Fantasy FanArt Showcase. Please enjoy!

    Hukurou @ DA


    And we start off this week with artwork of the mages from the first Final Fantasy! Cute style here.

    mikosplay @ DA

    Fang Yun original artwork

    Here's a great drawing of FFXIII's Fang done by mikosplay.

    Kimimii @ DA

    Red Mage

    A fiesty viera red mage here! It's supposedly done in the style of FFTA according to the artist. Wouldn't you agree?

    RickWhartonArt @ DA

    Edgar - Amano Watercolour Study

    This watercoloring of Edgar was done in a style similar to Amano. I do enjoy that Rick stays true to the style of the famous artist. It's very nicely done.

    VergilRenata @ DA

    FFXIV: Creation of Cute Animals?

    Aww! This is rather pretty cute, featuring some user created characters for the MMO game from Square-Enix. I'm not sure what really is going on, but it involves adorable tiny animals. :X

    PuftPrin @ DA


    Here's another great fanart from PuftPrin. You may have remembered her earlier fanart with Squall and Rinoa taking a selfie, so here she is with a beautifully done artwork of Rinoa Heartilly!

    MisterStrum @ DA

    Quina and the Regent

    Oh no! Quina is at it again! Better watch out or s/he'll come after you next!

    That's it for this week! We hope that you enjoyed the artwork in this showcase and hope that you'll come back next week for more fanart to see. Thanks for sticking around everyone.
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    1. Aulayna's Avatar
      Aulayna -
      The Quina one
    1. Pete for President's Avatar
      Pete for President -
      The Quina one is epic indeed
    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      Fang, with her fine ass.
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