• E3 - How a Newbie Got Her Ticket for the Hype Wagon

    So. Here I am, looking at a blank page trying to think of something to say to pitch in my Editorís two cents onto the whole E3 thing. Let me just say, the whole thing is pretty darn overwhelming. I donít even know where to start with it. With so much happening and so many conferences, streams, videos, trailers, pictures, and interviews and-STOP! Breathe woman! BREATHE. Slow down. This kind of mania is something which can only be written about with the use of ABRUPT CAPITALISATION to emphasise my COMPLETE AND UTTER EXCITEMENT!

    Of course, the biggest gaming event of the year simply canít slow down at all Ė so how on earth do I, as a total and utter newbie to video games Ė make some sense in my head of all of this? I donít. Iíve been finding it very hard to keep up with all of the news, as much as I have tried. When so many big stories just come flooding in, I canít keep track. One minute Iím seeing a trailer for Thief, the next minute Iím being told about Deus Ex. Someone, please organise my mind in such a way that I can process all of this news (preferably alphabetised.)

    So, let me start with the basics. What is E3? Well my dears, E3 stands for ĎElectronic Entertainment Expoí Ė an annual trade show for the bigwigs of the video gaming world. I have to admit, Iím not giving myself enough credit. Iím not a complete video games newbie. Iíve played games before (obviously) Why else would I be on EoFF if I hadnít? Iím more a newbie to the industry, and as someone who wouldnít mind working in it one day that simply wonít do.

    Why is E3 so important? Thatís the big question; and there I was thinking it was just a fan event, like a convention when really itís something far bigger than that. Itís important this year because of the push for the fourth generation consoles: PS4 and Xbox One. Microsoft and Sony have pretty much been going at it to secure sales on their latest consoles. (According to Twitter and several other sites, Iím guessing that PS4 is taken the lead by an absolute landslide, soz Xbox, I knew there was a reason I didnít like youÖ)

    I took it upon myself to be all ďyeah whatever, what can they even have to say anyway? Itís all a bunch of hype!Ē and then WHAM. Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III came flying straight into my face Ė complete with trailers and actual NEWS. My mind had been changed in that little instance. I mean, for starters have you SEEN the gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy XV? I know Iíve already gushed over it in a separate article, but damn, Behemoth is looking amazing. I love that theyíve added in really classic and old school Final Fantasy monsters to the game. Also, Iím not just saying this, but Iím really, really interested in Noctis's story. Heís said to be nerdy and quirky, and Iíve been waiting for that kind of Final Fantasy heroÖ Perhaps he could be the Chuck of the Final Fantasy Universe?Ö A girl can dream.

    As if all of these Final Fantasy things werenít enough, Iím now Iím hearing about FAIRY TYPE POKEMON? What is this sorcery? Excuse me, get me one ticket for the hype wagon, and Iíll be sitting at the front. In fact get out of the way you; Iím driving this hype wagon all the way to Pokťmon paradise okay?! OKAY?!

    So yes, this is a Final Fantasy website, but inside every Final Fantasy fan, thereís a Pokťmaniac just waiting to be let loose. I happen to be one who was never quite tamed. Iím like Pikachu, there was no repressing me into that Pokťball of silence, smurf that noise (or lack ofÖ) Get me that Fairy Pokťmon right now. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. I love me an Eevee-lution, and Sylveon may hit my top three list. For goodness sakes it has a bow around itís neck. A BOW. This Pokťmon is not only a cute Fairy, but itís a bloody fashion forward Fairy too. Nintendo, I applaud you.

    I applaud anyone who reads this in its entirety as wave after wave of gaming news hits the nerd shore; bringing with it more and more nerdgasms to the masses (and occasionally a facepalm of utter disappointment, letís not pretend that itís all coming up roses) Can I say nerd anymore? Nerd nerd nerd.

    With Pokťmon X and Y being released for 3DS on October 12th, worldwide, Iím left wondering just what exactly is going to be so different about it. Iíve played each of the games through and through, and Iíve always enjoyed them Ė donít get me wrong, and as excited as I am, the addition of Fairy-Type Pokťmon isnít going to be enough to sell this to me. Speaking of these Fairies, did you know that theyíre super-effective against Dragons? I know right, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. I can see myself now being a Fairy/Dragon type trainer.

    This generation of Pokťmon game gets cuter still though, X and Y will introduce a brand new Ďmini-gameí-esque feature called the ĎPokťmon-Amieí Ė which will basically allow you to feed and pet your Pokťmon using the stylus to deepen the connection between the two of you. Itís justÖ I canít even. Itís like Nintendogs got Abra Kadabraíd. Oh please, I can tell that your sides are splitting at that one, admit it.

    So I guess despite my initial adamant attitude to not get drawn in, I did anyway. There has been a lot of big news for fans of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and with more news to come I canít help but feel that Square-Enix might have a few more surprises for us, I hope so Ė although I must say Iím sufficiently satisfied with what theyíve already served us from this banquet of gaming delights.
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    1. I Don't Need A Name's Avatar
      I Don't Need A Name -
      Well after being told off for not posting by a certain Admin-no-more, I figured I'll post something and what better to post on than an E3 thread!

      E3 is one convention that, from the outside, seems like something incredibly uncool to the non-gaming community (namingly, my mother who told me off for not seeing me for a day and a half during Monday's events) and slightly overwhelming with content. However, as Locky said, it's very, very easy to get swept away with it all. Despite being a UK resident I, for the past 2 years and this year, still sit and watch every bit of live coverage I can (having shifted my sleeping patterns with me going to bed at about half 4 for the past two nights). As we all know, this years conference was far from disappointing.

      Starting off with the MS conference was far from the best start to this years E3 conference. I've not been much of an MS fan in the past but I thought some of their ideas for the X-Box One's content was impressive. And then the MS conference started. DRM and always online strifes, a rather high pricetag and a set of games that seemed rather underwhelming to myself. One of the saving graces was Kojima's Metal Gear Solid V, looking as splendid as I imagined. But does the naming of Punished Snake still allow for Hayter to be present in the form of another Snake? However, overall the conference left me feeling a bit lacking, with very little gameplay shown of most of their titles and a less than convincing pitch for the console.

      Next came EA, and what I expected to be a massively sport filled conference as have been the conferences of the past. Boy was I wrong. Plants Vs Zombies turning up in a different form, along with the announcement of Peggle 2; Need for Speed Rivals looking rather impressive; Dragon Age 3 and Mirror's Edge 2 also featuring. Although I think the conference is easily summed up by the surprising and exciting announcement of Star Wars Battlefront, which I know I'm far from alone in being psyched for.

      Ubisoft took the reigns next. They're always a conference that I look forward to due to their original ways of presenting the show (the return of 'Girl Wood' was a great inclusion) and they're gaining a reputation of having very good surprise releases, and this year was no exception. As a Rocksmith user then the opening to the conference was a good start, followed by many other good (albeit cinematic) trailers. The Crew made a surprise entrance and I know my eyes are going to be on that to see if it can live up to what was an exciting premise. After the big trailers from AC4: Black Flag and Watch_Dogs I expected that was it. Ubisoft played their trump card. Tom Clancy's The Division's announcement kept me on the edge of my seat. Ubisoft out Watch_Dogs'd themselves this year!

      And then there was Sony. A slow start to the conference and I was losing faith that they could deliver. Then Tetsuya Nomura came on screen and I expected information on Kingdom Hearts Remix HD 1.5, and not what followed. Final Fantasy XV is looking magnificent (with an interview with Nomura recently stating that the finished product may look even better) and the surprise announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 had me bouncing off the walls. I don't think my housemate, who I was on videochat to at the time, was ready for the noises of excitement I was making, but I think they were well founded. But then Sony kept steam rollering on. The Order: 1866, Killzone Shadowfall and Destiny all gave lasting impacts. Not forgetting the hilarious and stunning tech demo by David Cage and his Quantic Dream team. And then there was the price and online announcements. I don't think I need to reiterate those points but they left a very content feeling, despite it being 4:15am

      Nintendo left me very disappointed this year, with a very safe collection of rehashed IP, disappointing additions to Super Smash Bros with the Wii Fit Girl (really?) and the Animal Crossing Villager and some very arrogant sounding comments from Reggie Fils-Aime that implied that Nintendo expect people to buy the Wii-U because it's the only place to play Mario games, and seemed to trivialize the lack of 3rd party content.

      But the excitement never stops there with constant gameplay trailers and interviews across the week it looks like there will be many sleepless nights of excitement to come. I've been listening to the Final Fantasy XIV theme Answers non-stop for the past two days after seeing new footage of it this week and it's almost certainly on the cards for being the first subscription MMO that I will purchase!

      If you managed to wade through all that then I commend you! But here's your post Mr no longer adminBoB

      This is looking to be a very exciting year or two for fans of Square-Enix! (I'm super excited for Thief alongside the FF titles) Bring on the Tokyo Game Show for more Square-Enix goodness!
    1. Jinx's Avatar
      Jinx -
      How Locky Got Her Groove Back
    1. Night Fury's Avatar
      Night Fury -
      I'm groovin' alright. /smug
    1. Loony BoB's Avatar
      Loony BoB -
      Ohhh, IDNAN, you best believe I waded through that (and yours too, Tara). Not admin right now, though. ;D
    1. Night Fury's Avatar
      Night Fury -
      What did ya think? Might stick it on the Frontsite soon. I want it to be on the frontsite, especially with that wonderful reply from IDNAN
    1. Loony BoB's Avatar
      Loony BoB -
      Personally, I liked it. As for the frontsite, it would be a bit of a nice change from the constant stream of facts and information that has been coming through lately. Of course, I'm not on staff right now so yeah.
    1. Night Fury's Avatar
      Night Fury -
      I'll put it up on Friday when it's less likely that there will be a fast news stream.
    1. I Don't Need A Name's Avatar
      I Don't Need A Name -
      I better replace the image that's gone now and correct my mistake on your title then BoB!

      So will you be following E3s to come then Locky? You been drawn in for the long run?
    1. HasteInTime's Avatar
      HasteInTime -
      Wow Locky, that is one super post. I Loved the entire post and nothing is all daisies or roses all of the time. Fascinating.
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