• Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #41

    Hello and happy summer to our friends up in the Northern Hemisphere! It's time for another amazing week of Final Fantasy fanart to be shared! We've already gone through forty weeks of fanarts and no doubt will we be seeing more in the coming weeks. How very exciting this is! So let's get straight to business, shall we? Let's see what this week's showcase has in store for us.

    TabrisV @ DA

    Squall and Cloud

    The fine heroes of Final Fantasy VII and VIII team up to form a dynamic duo in this amazing artwork! Looking good, guys!

    asgamara @ DA

    'Are you okay?! Does it hurt?!'

    Hopefully you're fine! It's not like you bumped your head really hard on a falling rock, right? ...right? The look on the Priestess' face is quite priceless, in my opinion.

    MCAshe @ DA

    Warrior of light classic fighter Final Fantasy 1

    Another great artwork for this week. And it's the mighty warrior from the original Final Fantasy! The red hair certainly does stick out in this.

    [B][SIZE="1"]aquanut @ DA

    the only explanation

    A comic by aquanut that explains Lightning's new victory pose in the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

    KyeCat @ DA



    GiselleRocks @ DA


    And to end off this week, there's still one artwork that may hit your nostalgia spots hard! Anyone up for some Edge and Rydia shipping?
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    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      Omigosh those chocobos!!!!

      Lot of good ones this week
    1. Jinx's Avatar
      Jinx -
      The Squall and Cloud is gorgeous.

      And the chocobos are just lovely. <3
    1. LadyJuxtaposition's Avatar
      LadyJuxtaposition -
      I'm up shipping Rydia x Edge! They're a cute pairing!

      The chocobo picture is just too adorable and kawaii.
      And that Squall and Cloud action pose; so breathtaking and dramatic!

      Great work all fanartists!
    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      This week was much better! I really loved the chocobo one, I found that really cute. I also enjoyed the comic: while it took awhile to get, I appreciated the joke.

      The warrior of light was also good. Gives him a youthful, teenage personality with a bit of attitude.
    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      I really like the Warrior of Light one.

      He could almost pass for an older Sora too.
    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      Quote Originally Posted by shion View Post
      I really like the Warrior of Light one.

      He could almost pass for an older Sora too.
      Yeah, I was also getting a Kingdom Hearts vibe from it. Almost sort of like a younger Axel.
    1. Aulayna's Avatar
      Aulayna -
      These are all amazing this week. The Chocobos, so cute :3
    1. Rocket Edge's Avatar
      Rocket Edge -
      Some very lovely work.
    1. Loony BoB's Avatar
      Loony BoB -
      The FFXIII comic amused me, but oh man. Them chocobos. ;_; Love.
    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      I love the chocobos one.
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