• Eyes on EoFF: Number #39!

    Let's play a quick game for a second. Do you see the banner image below you? Great! Now, guess the location. Go on, take your time. I'll reveal the answer later, but do try and guess; you'll get a cookie if you get it correct.

    I do assure you, this little task is relevant, for there's a brand new game that's taking EoFF by storm! And talking of storms, Lightning has taken over Eorzea and by golly is there news about that this week.

    Yes, foa has two birthday threads. Yes, I find it rather amusing as well!

    Hoping You Had A Chocotastic Day...
    fire_of_avalon and Levian!

    Quote Of The Week
    Last Week's Quote: Blitzball Kid from FFX

    "Be Careful of forgetfulness. Your lucky colour is blue?"

    • Yep, Lightning has entered the interdimensional rift and entered Eorzea. She's to appear in a FATE in XIV:ARR, and not to mention those spunky Lightning outfits for your characters and special weapons from the XIII series! Oh yes, your Miqo'te bard has the potential to wield Serah Farron's bow, a prospect that is getting Aulayna very excited. While some people think such shameless cross-promotion is hurting the brand, others simply cannot wait to wield Lightning's Blazefire Saber into battle!
    • Naoki Yoshida's letters are still pouring through! In his 48th letter about XIV:ARR, Yoshi-P goes in detail about the brand new late-game bosses that you can demolish. There's a fight with Titan for example, which looking at the screenshots look ridiculously tough (that or the developers have no skill). Also, the dastardly Demon's Gate from Final Fantasies of old is back, ready to crush us at but a moments notice. In this letter, Yoshi-P is definitely stressing that there's plenty of late-game material for you level-cappers.
    • Square-Enix, with their eternal charity, has bestowed upon us the ability to give away Final Fantasy Tactics for the iOS. If you have a iOS device, then you'll be able to take part in a series of small little challenges run by Shauna to boost your chances of winning! The contest has already started, but it's certainly not to late to enter!
    • Moving away from XIV:ARR, there's a brand new forum game that is taking notice of the GeoGuessr craze that apparently has eluded me. Indeed, the indomitable Shion is hosting it. What is GeoGuessr, you ask? Basically, people take anonymous pictures of a location in the world. People then guess the location and score points based on how close they were! The smaller the margin, the better, so it's a bit like golf. Shion needs both picture takers and players, so check the thread for more details in this exciting new game! Oh, in case you were wondering, the picture above was called Durdle Door in Southern England - right near me actually!
    • A delightful thread, where you come up with the best horror story you can come up with in only two or so sentences! The opening post had one that was actually somewhat creepy. Of course, it's descended into jokes about marmite, or Chris's food choices, but it's a thread that I've got my eye on for definite.
    • America. Or Murica' as some of our light-humoured members refer to it as. It is a lovely country isn't it? Indeed, the majority of our members reside there. But did you know that there's a thread all about the worst things of America! Pity the thought! I thought all the obesity, and gun controversy were what made America unique. But what do you dislike about America? Please don't say the candy, because I'm eating some now and it's soooooo good.

    Quote Originally Posted by This week's member suggestion courtesy of Parker!
    The Box Thread. It was nice and cute and sweet I dunno
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    1. LocoColt04's Avatar
      LocoColt04 -
      I did not know the Box Thread existed (mostly because I just glance through the recently updated threads and such) - so thank you for these weekly articles!!
    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      Good job on the updates again, Formy
    1. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
      Scotty_ffgamer -
      Once again, thanks for doing these!
    1. Aulayna's Avatar
      Aulayna -
      That bow indeed!

      I need it in my life.
    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      Quote Originally Posted by LocoColt04 View Post
      I did not know the Box Thread existed
      I'm still laughing at Parker's contribution
    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      cute and sweet, i dunno.

      This geoguesser thing i'm horrible at. x.x
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