• Eyes on EoFF: Number #41!

    Nary a week goes by without more developments in the forums of EoFF. In this edition, the general gaming discussion forum is heating up particularly in the Let's Plays and fantasy football areas! Meanwhile, I have an interesting analysis by Karifean for you regarding Blue Mages, and two photography threads in Relm's Studio for you to feast your eyes at.

    Hoping You Had A Chocotastic Day...
    Yerushalmi and qwertysaur!

    Quote Of The Week
    Last Week's Quote: Mewt from FFTA

    "Oh my hero, so far away now. Will I ever see your smile? Love goes away, like night into day. It's just a fading dream."

    • Yet another Live Letter courtesy of Yoshi-P this week. In this letter (I've lost count now) he details some of the monsters you'll be facing in the reawakened realm of Eorzea. Fan favourites such as the dreaded Tonberry and King Tonberry will be returning, as well as more iconic monsters like the Malboro and the Cactuar. Together with the last letter chronicling Titan and Demon's Gate as higher-tier fights, the world of Eorzea is hardly going to be a walk in the park.
    • There's a mysterious countdown surrounding the Kingdom Hearts series. What is it? A new game? Information about the upcoming KHIII? A disappointing port or mobile game? The only certain thing here is that nobody knows.
    • A rather quiet week in regards to news, so the rest of this update is going to be heavily thread driven! Yay! The EoFF GeoGuessr game is still running, but now is your last chance to be a late entry and participate! If you've simply missed this, fly post-haste to the thread! It's very entertaining so far with some close answers and those that have flown way of the mark.
    • As referenced earlier, the general gaming discussion is really strong this week. There's two ongoing Let's Plays right now for you to follow: Pokemon Platinum and XD: Gale of Darkness! If you're a fan of comedy, then look no further. You can also rant all about how stressful games can be in this stressful thread!
    • Next, a thread that has been going on since May! Loony BoB is also doing a Let's Play, of sorts. He's playing Football Manager 2012 and is running the Eyeson F.C, a fledgling football club in the Conference, or lowest level of English football. However, he's got some back-up in the form of several star players: EoFFers themselves! They're currently second, but with your support they might get promoted!
    • Meanwhile, in the specific Final Fantasy forums, there's also a welcome surge in posting. Perhaps the highlight of this week though is Karifean's stunning Blue Mage analysis. He goes through the entire history of the Blue Mage, judging just how useful and efficient they really are in each game. It's well written and well informed so give it a read!
    • Relm from VI was well renowned for sketching during battle. However her studio is welcome to all types of art and one that is really proving itself lately is the ol' point and click. Photography! Scotty has a camera, and he's not afraid to show it! Glorious pictures both inspirational and melancholic. Meanwhile, Shorty also has a photography thread that similarly has a great deal of stunning snaps.
    • But there's more! Relm's studio also houses more great art. Proto's quick drawings are always a delight to look at. Pete for President is very prolific in Relm's studio as well - look at some of his fineliner drawings if you don't believe me!

    Quote Originally Posted by This week's member suggestion courtesy of Pantz!
    The Purple Purses Thread. Cause of purple purses.
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    1. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
      Scotty_ffgamer -
      I did it!

      Edit: *Retroactive high five with Shorty*
    1. Agent Proto's Avatar
      Agent Proto -
      Wow, a shout out for my art thread, nice. Thanks Formy!
    1. Jinx's Avatar
      Jinx -
      Wow, a shout out for my Purple Purses thread, nice. Thanks, Pantz!
    1. Shorty's Avatar
      Shorty -
      You sweet thing! Thanks for including my photography thread *high five with Scotty*
    1. Night Fury's Avatar
      Night Fury -
      I believe the quote is actually from the Opera of Maria and Draco from Final Fantasy VI. It is Celes who plays Maria.
    1. Spooniest's Avatar
      Spooniest -
      *I* believe it's supposed to be:

      Oh my hero,
      My beloved,
      Must we still be made to part?
      Though promises of
      Perennial love
      Yet sing here in my heart?
      ...But I don't suppose it matters.
    1. Goldenboko's Avatar
      Goldenboko -
      Most of these games have multiple translations spoony!
    1. Spooniest's Avatar
      Spooniest -
      ...And most of these gamers have singular preferences...
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