• Eyes on EoFF: Number #44

    It's September! Summer is now beginning to wind down now, and as we look toward the Autumn months, nature begins to decay and cool down...

    Fat chance here on the forums! Autumn and Winter are were things heat up! Traditional forum games are always popular during the latter part of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for them! In the meantime, we have the usual selection of exciting threads and news to keep you wanting more!

    Hoping You Had A Chocotastic Day...
    Del Snizz!

    Quote Of The Week
    Last Week's Quote: Squall from FFVIII

    "Son of a submariner!"

    • The official general release of XIV:ARR occurred last week on the 27th, and well, it's obviously gone down well because they've had to stop sales! Specifically, they've halted digital sales of the game to help cope with the constant stream of players arriving in Eorzea. We can look at this positively: the game is so popular they've literally had to stop sales, but of course, it is annoying if the digital halting has affected you purchasing it. MMO launches are always a hassle, but here's hoping the various errors and problems resolve soon!
    • Running along with the XIV: ARR theme, those who have been able to play have been taking some lovely screenshots of the world! The graphics do look amazing, as does the variety of... interesting names people have given their characters. That Costa Del Sol place looks rather heavenly!
    • The inaugural EoFF Geoguessr game has concluded after a good few weeks of rounds. I've really enjoyed it, and if you've been following it I'm sure you'll agree too! Endless was a very deserving champion with a perfect score of zero! Some feat. If you're cursing yourself for missing this, don't fear, I'm sure there will be future Geoguessr games in the future!
    • So apparently there's this game that was released called Saints Row IV, and it's very popular. Huh. Just kidding, I know all about it. It's zany, manic, and barely has a plot line running through but all of that is irrelevant because our members are loving it! Discuss all about the new game in it's very own thread. Dubstep Gun. Huh.
    • Spooniest has been producing some very interesting and nice guitar covers of some of your favourite Final Fantasy tunes! He's doing it on request as well, so head on over and throw whatever song you want to hear arranged in raw, guitar sound.
    • Finally, where were you where you first heard of Final Fantasy? For me, it was watching my brother first play Final Fantasy VII. But what was it like for you? How did you first hear of the series that has undoubtedly captivated you since that key moment? Reminisce in the thread, and watch those memories sink in.

    Quote Originally Posted by This week's member suggestion courtesy of Scotty_ffgamer!
    I'm going to vote Pete's Paintings thread. There is some really awesome artwork in there that I think people should go look at.
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    1. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
      Scotty_ffgamer -
      (SPOILER) Kefka from VI, I think!
    1. Shorty's Avatar
      Shorty -
      Formy, you give such lovely updates
    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      Aww thanks Shorty!
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