• Eyes on EoFF: In Which Jinx Assumes the Iron Throne

    Hello, my lovely fellow forum-goers! It is I, the Once and Future Jinx here, covering for our dear Formy as he makes his way in the big, grown up world known as uni! As the weather cools (NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE), we here at EoFF are finding ways to heat it up!

    Wishing a Happy Birthday to...
    Faris & Bert!

    EoFFer Quote of the Week!

    Quote Originally Posted by ???
    guys guys I think 9/11 was almost a Friday the 13th this year, how scary would that be

    • This week brought to us the Royal Wedding of EoFF! Our very own Admin, Prince Loony BoB, married the love of his life, SmittenKitten Middleton. Not only that, but several EoFFers were in attendence, making this truly a day to remember! Make sure to go congratulate the happy couple if you haven't already! Don't forget to swing over and give any marriage advice you might have for them!
    • What's that? It's the return of the legendary EoFF Pictionary! Go sign up to join in on the fun of drawing pictures and making up silly subjects! You can also head over to Wonder Square and participate in the newest game thread where you choose which Final Fantasy job/class the above poster would have.
    • In EoEO, things are very Syrias Bsnss this week as members discuss the current situation in Syria, and the power struggle between Obama and Putin. The discussion of the power of words and the attitudes and discrimination behind them is also being debated. Have anything to say about these topics? Go voice your opinion now!
    • Plenty has been happening in the gaming world recently. The evolutions of the starters for the new Pokemon game have been leaked, and members are debating what roles and secondary classes their final evolutions my have. Also, a new Warchief has been chosen in World of Warcraft.
    • New Final Fantasy games have been announced in the form of a sequel to Theatrhythm for 3DS and the confirmation that Final Fantasy Agito will be coming to iOS and Android!

    Quote Originally Posted by Member Thread Recommendation: Denmark
    The Salad thread. It's one giant argument about leaves.
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      FINALLY got the Internet connection sorted. Great job Sam on your very first Update! Nice work! I'll be flitting in and out of EoFF as and when I have time. I'll be looking forward to next weeks!
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      Told you you'd do a great job kiddo.
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