• Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #56

    Welcome again to a new week, and we have a rather fantastic showcase to show off. The quality of these artworks are rather astounding and they seem to get better each week. Hopefully everyone can agree with this statement after they take a look with the art in this week's showcase. Without further ado, let's get straight into the pictures!

    Nicarela @ DA

    Final Fantasy VI: Awakening

    A very nice collage of the main characters of Final Fantasy VI. The coloring is vivid and colorful, and the style is very pleasing to look at. I do wonder who's that supposed to be at the very top poking his head behind Shadow, Celes, and Edgar?

    AurelGweillys @ DA

    Chibis Firion and Emperor

    Pretty cute drawing we have here of the Emperor and Firion.

    [SIZE="1]Violetelollipop @ DA[/SIZE]


    This is a really great drawing of Vanille being cute! I like how cheerful she looks, and the coloring was done very nicely.

    FeitoFaith @ DA

    Terra Branford

    Terra from Final Fantasy VI. The coloring looks very good, and I adore the details in her hair. So pretty!

    argentinaland @ DA

    Lightning Farron + SNK

    Ever wondered what Lightning would look like if she was in the Scouting Legion in Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan? Well look no further as here's such a fan art of Lightning wearing the uniform with the cloak included! She looks ready to kick some Titan butt.

    Tengu-Arts @ DA

    Get Back to Work!

    Already finished with this showcase? Here's a simple reminder from Lightning here to help motivate you if you're procrastinating too much. Hopefully it'll help you out!
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    1. LadyJuxtaposition's Avatar
      LadyJuxtaposition -
      Thank you Lightning for motivating me. XD
      Very nice works here. Poor Firion.
    1. black orb's Avatar
      black orb -
      >>> Are you a Shingeki No Kyojin fan Proto?..
    1. Ace Protorney's Avatar
      Ace Protorney -
      Quote Originally Posted by black orb View Post
      >>> Are you a Shingeki No Kyojin fan Proto?..
      Why yes I am!
    1. Aulayna's Avatar
      Aulayna -
      I like the style of the VI: Awakening one. It's adorable.
    1. Mahad's Avatar
      Mahad -
      Lol, the emperor and firion; great draw.
      That piece of vanille is amazing, too.


      but first, let me do that one thing
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