• Ask Your Questions for the Next Live Letter from the Producer

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been live for over two months now. Already it has topped Final Fantasy XI in subscribers. And now the first big patch, 2.1, is nearing. Set to be released in late November or early December, patch 2.1 will be the first round of major changes for FFXIV.

    A lot of info regarding patch 2.1s changes has already been revealed in the last Live Letter, but Im sure there are plenty of more questions. Which is why a new Live Letter has been scheduled!

    The next Live Letter is scheduled to begin on November 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM GMT (4 AM PST).

    As usual, you have the opportunity to post questions you would like Yoshi-P to answer during the Live Letter on the official forums. Be sure to get those questions posted in the applicable forum before the 22nd.

    What are you most looking forward to in patch 2.1? What things do you hope will be fixed? Feel free to wish and speculate in the comments. After the Live Letter is completed and the answers are published, stay tuned for EoFFs usual roundup of the highlights.
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    1. Loony BoB's Avatar
      Loony BoB -
      I look forward to housing and I hope that the materia system gets fixed (it won't be). At the moment materia is, more often than not, useless. Nobody cares for at least half of them, and most of the best gear won't take them. This is what I would define as 'a problem'. Make elemental resistance materia notably decrease damage, and decrease the tomes cost for Coke etc. so that crafters can actually make it without breaking bank and people will actually consider it a worthwhile thing to buy DS gear. But yeah. ._.

      Massively excited for this patch, regardless.
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