• Weekly Update: EoFF, a Phoenix from the Ashes

    January 19-26, 2013
    A very happy birthday to Spuuky!

    Can you believe we're already a month into the year? These last four weeks have really flown by. I know you've all been as busy as I have (hey, reading and marathoning Girls is hard work, damn it!) As ever, some new and interesting things are making their way to around EoFF, and I'm here to tell you about them!

    First off, check out our new sub-forum dedicated to discussing ways to help revitalize and bring some new life to EoFF and its Frontsite. Have a suggest to make this place better? Head over and share your ideas!

    I hope you like to go commando, because this week's Eyes on You is Pant Leg Eater from the Bad World! Swing by and make sure to ask him those burning must-know questions!

    This weeks hot-ticket conversation items in EoEO are opinions on Tumblr “Social Justice Warriors” and what they stand for,Trans* issues, and Shlup's never-ending family politics thread! Don't be shy--give us your thoughts and opinions!

    Agent Proto's Fan Art Contest for January is now in its voting round! Go exercise your right as EoFF citizens and vote for your favorite picture! (Warning: You WILL agonize about which one to vote for; they are all AMAZING.)

    Over in our Final Fantasy forums, members are discussing the merits of FFIV and Jiro has brought us another one of his quirky and thought provoking FFVII threads!

    In other Final Fantasy news, EoFF is holding a contest to give away a Lightning Returns poster signed by Motomu Toriyama! Could you be the lucky winner? Maybe! Go check out the thread and see how you can enter!

    And last, but certainly not least, don't forget to make a visit to Wonder Square to visit our new member, sonormatt!

    Member Suggestion of the Week: Jiro
    Go shion's ’If you ruled the world’ thread . It's nice to see what we'd all do if we were top dog, a true test of our character.
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      For some reason the image tag shows up as code when you view this article on the main site.
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      If you haven't asked me a thing, please do.

      Also check out the other cool stuff. Because this place is cool, every week.
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