• North American and European release dates announced for Theatrhythm: Curtain Call!

    The much anticipated sequel to the surprise hit Theatrhythm, will be heading to America on September 16th 2014 with a European release shortly after on September 19th 2014! Square Enix have also revealed details of the Collector's Editions being released in both territories. These are pretty sweet bundles so be sure to read on.

    Limited Edition

    For the first print run, Theatrhythm will come bundled with an exclusive 5-track REMIX SELECTIONS CD! All existing pre-orders of the game will include this CD, and all future pre-orders are guaranteed to include it too. However, for those who want to wait until release - you'd best snap the game up on day one, as any future print runs won't include this CD.

    Collector's Edition

    The collector's edition is a boxed bundle available exclusive via Square Enix's Online Store. There is only a mere 5,000 available so if you want one, you'd best pre-order it now (NA / EU)! The collector's edition includes:

    - A Nintendo 3DS Pouch
    - The 5-track CD from the limited edition
    - A 20-track CD featuring the Best of Theatrhythm Curtain Call
    - 5 premium CollectaCards. These designs are based off the cards found in the game, and each card has a passcode which can be used to unlock the card in-game

    The bundle in all its glory

    A few new screenshots have also surfaced to raise your hype level to the max!

    UPDATE: A trailer for E3 has recently been posted. Hype level 99

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    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      Saw this just yesterday on another site. So excited
    1. Shauna's Avatar
      Shauna -
    1. Lone Wolf Leonhart's Avatar
      Lone Wolf Leonhart -
      My hype level is all the way up to 99 for this game. I've been looking forward to it for months.

      I'm not quite on board with the collector's edition, though. Since the theme of the game is interactive music I don't necessarily need the cd as an extra bonus. It will make me want to play the game, haha. I do like the remix cd though just as a re-take of a few songs, so i'll probably go for the limited edition. I like the pouch, but I've already got a case. Though it would be a nice extra to have, for sure.

      Has it been said whether or not the collecta cards are cards that you wouldn't otherwise get if you didn't purchase the collector's edition?
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