• Final Fantasy XIII Series coming to PC

    Final Fantasy XIII Will be available for your PC consumption on Oct 9th. What? It's going to be available on steam? Yes. Yes, it will.

    Currently the first game is slated to come out October 9th, 2014 while the others have not yet been set with exact dates but have received a "coming soon" from Square Enix. They stated they are aiming to have the other two, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, released by spring 2015. This could be a way to attempt to promote the March 2015 release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. As the Type-0 world is connected to the XIII lore and world.

    If you preorder it through steam you'll get the game 10%. The normal rate will be $15.99.

    Will you be purchasing this version?
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    1. Shauna's Avatar
      Shauna -
      Interesting development. Squeenix pulling out the big guns for PC, eh? xD
    1. Ergroilnin's Avatar
      Ergroilnin -
      Well I would love that since I never had chance to play these cause I don't own PS3/4 and don't plan to.
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      I might pirate it just to see how pretty I can make it look. Buying it once for ps3 is enough, considering there probably won't be any additional content.
    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      Neither Steam nor Squeenix has announced anything yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if this came out around the holidays.
    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      Let them come out and then buy them cheap on the steam sales :3

      Also it's listed on steams website now. Release date of Oct 9th for $15.99
    1. Noctis Caelum's Avatar
      Noctis Caelum -
      Good. Now the PC master race scum can stop blindingly jumping on the hate train of the internet and experience a wonderful game. I wonder if the XIII series will get a trilogy release for next-gen. Knowing SE, I wouldn't bet against it.
    1. Ergroilnin's Avatar
      Ergroilnin -
      Wow that's way sooner than I thought!

      I am very inclined to just preorder it now since the price for so new game is still silly as hell, I expected each installment for 40 a pop and now it looks the whole trilogy will cost around 40 bucks.

      The only thing stopping me from buying it immediately is that I have tons of not played games yet and Christmas is right around the corner so who knows if they won't actually slap at least 25% sale on all FFs during the sale.
    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      This holiday season might be the time to get a gaming laptop.

      Edit: $14.39 pre-order price
    1. Ergroilnin's Avatar
      Ergroilnin -
      I mean even Final Fintasy IV (no After Years too) on Steam is more expensive lol. I am also curious if they are going to add the two other instalments in rapid sucession or if there will be some (long) time between.
    1. Slothy's Avatar
      Slothy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Noctis Caelum View Post
      Good. Now the PC master race scum can stop blindingly jumping on the hate train of the internet and experience a wonderful game.
      Nothing you've said here makes sense. Firstly, people who only play PC probably didn't care about FFXIII enough before to even know that the general consensus was that it wasn't good, and probably still aren't interested enough to care. Secondly, hating a really bad game isn't really some undeserved hate train. It's simply recognizing the reality of how bad the game is. Which is pretty bad. Like, abysmally bad. One of the worst RPG's ever made bad Which means your assertion that it's a wonderful game is even more non-sensical than everything else you said.
    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      I might actually get this! The system requirements are just right - might finally have my own opinion on this game
    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      Glad to see this, if only for the possibility that Type-0 and XV could very well follow suit.
    1. Dat Matt's Avatar
      Dat Matt -
      That's what I've been saying on twitter. If this does well on steam (and it probably will beccuase 13 and steam sales) then it paves the way for FFXV.
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      You know guys, if they end up putting FF15 on Steam, I might just get it there instead and boost the graphics to crazylevels and use steam's in-home streaming to my laptop+tv in the living room. Suck it, inferior console hardware!
    1. Madame Adequate's Avatar
      Madame Adequate -
      I'm very curious to see if there's any scope for modding the XIII series on PC. It's hard to mess with VII and VIII, but people have managed it with some impressive results.

      I'd also looooove to get X/X-2 HD on the PC, save us having to get a PS3.
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      But you can emulate those aready . It's not even illegal if you just use the original game discs
    1. Ergroilnin's Avatar
      Ergroilnin -
      And if you own the device and dump your own BIOS*

      At least that's how it was with PCSX2 (best PS2 emulator).
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      That depends entirely on local laws. I could have a friend dump his PS2's ROM and send it to me without breaking any laws here.

      Also, PCSX2.
    1. Fox's Avatar
      Fox -
      I don't think we're going to see muuuuch in the way of modding on the XIII series. People have been ripping models out of it since it came out in order to make nude versions of everyone (ah, internet), but actually injecting modified content into the game code? I'm not optimistic for much. Square published stuff has never been particular mod-friendly, in fact the PC versions of FFVII and FFVIII are some of the better examples.

      So yeah, I wouldn't expect many exciting mods. I have gone and pre-purchased XIII on Steam though seeing as there was a 10% offer on it. It's odd how utterly I can't be bothered to play it again on my PS3 but the thought of getting the PC version kind of excited me. And hey, the price is right, so no complaints here.
    1. Silent Warrior's Avatar
      Silent Warrior -
      ... Eff, I'm gone for a couple months, and THIS happens?? But... Well, I'll have to at least look into XIII-PC. I'm kind of hoping they'll see sense with regards to the sequels, though.

      SO I'M LATE! Deal!
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