• Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Famitsu Scans

    Square Enix have provided Famitsu with a new batch of scans for their upcoming Final Fantasy XV Demo, Episode Duscae.

    The screens show that Noctis' red eyes still feature. He seems to be surrounded in a pink aura, so it will be interesting to see if this is a possible link to magic. We also get an understanding of how hunts work. One screen depicts a billboard with a "Wanted" poster of the behemoth, and it looks like there will be a reward for defeating it. As well as this we also get a glimpse at some of the menu, so take a look and discuss your thoughts.

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    1. Egami's Avatar
      Egami -
      I like what I am seeing so far, would really like to see the stealth mechanics in action.

      If there is one thing that i am not too hot for so far it is the lack of variety and color when it comes to the main cast. I mean, I get they are going for the whole fantasy based in reality thing but must they all look like members of The Ramones?

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    1. FFFFsephychibi's Avatar
      FFFFsephychibi -
      Scans look good. Tabata's active time report is tomorrow, it's gonna be an exciting day. Hope some of this stuff is explained

      Really interested in seeing what the main menu, the map menu, and the 'gambit' menu looks like...
    1. fat_moogle's Avatar
      fat_moogle -
      Yeah, the costume designs seem inspired by the men in black. Alien last boss confirmed?

      I'm also interested to see the full menu system. Also looking forward to finding out how the levelling system will work. We already know that we need to camp to level up, but will characters automatically learn set abilities or will we be able to choose a path?
    1. Tyson's Avatar
      Tyson -
      Yeah it's kind of a shame the main trio is so colourless. Why couldn't the purple haired umbrella guy be playable, he definitely stands out compared to the rest of the cast. Him and Cidney.

      The demo walkthrough is currently 7 hours and 21 minutes away
    1. fat_moogle's Avatar
      fat_moogle -
      In defence of their outfits though I'm sure whatever they're wearing won't really change our outlook on the game when we're playing it
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