• A look back on Final Fantasy Type-0/Agito XIII concept art - Part 1

    With the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD being only 5 days away, we thought it would be fitting to take a look back on some of the game's concept art from over the years. In this spotlight we hope to not only show you some classic art, but give you some information on the characters, places, enemies and creatures contained herein. All pictures credited to the Final Fantasy Wiki and their respective sources. Without further delay, let's take a trip to Orience!

    Class Zero and Mog- A very early piece of Agito XIII concept art. It has a style similar to some of the Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- artwork, which is fitting, because the popularity of Before Crisis indirectly led to the creation of Type-0 thanks to its successful push of Final Fantasy on mobile devices.

    Class Zero- This "Release Celebration" artwork was created by Tetsuya Nomura to celebrate the launch of Final Fantasy Type-0 in 2011. The flag reads "Thank you for waiting, enjoy!".

    Qator Bashtar- The Brigadier General of the Milites Army, he's a supporting character in Type-0. His impressive skill in battle has earned him the nicknames of White Thunder and Pale Reaper. He certainly looks like someone who isn't to be trifled with!

    Mecha Behemoth- This detailed and mechanized version of the popular Behemoth looks like a formidable foe to come in Type-0 HD. We can also look forward to the classic beastly Behemoth in the Final Fantasy XV Demo!

    Kurasame Susaya- He is the instructor of Class Zero. He has earned the name of Frost Reaper due to his icy blade. He has the reputation of a teacher who's tough and doesn't put up with nonsense, which will surely reflect in the skill and proficiency of Class Zero.

    Alexander- The classic fortress-looking Eidolon returns in Type-0. Its design is consistent with the Alexander of previous Final Fantasy entries. It has such immense power that only a l'Cie can summon it. Without getting into spoiler territory, it's safe to say this probably means bad news for whoever decides to summon him.

    Vermillion Peristylium- This is an early look at the academy which serves as the home base for Class Zero. This place is so towering and majestic, there's no wonder why this is the Dominion of Rubrum's capital and home of the Vermillion Bird Crystal.

    Hopefully we've been able to shed some light on Type-0 with these wonderful pieces of art. Did you learn anything you didn't know before? Which characters are you looking forward to interacting with? Stay tuned in the coming days for part 2!
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      Psychotic -
      Qator Bashtar looks like a badass. Also Alexander is just out and out ridiculous, I love it.
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