• FanArt Friday! SPECIAL EDITION: Final Fantasy Type-0 artwork by Nick-Ian

    It's a FanArt Friday Type-0 Special Edition article! To celebrate the upcoming release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, I got in touch with one of my favourite artists on DeviantArt, the inspirational fountain of creativity that is Nick-Ian! He lives in the Philippines and has been lucky enough to play the Japanese PSP version of the game. With that in mind, not only have I managed to get you all a glorious glimpse of his amazing artwork, but I've also sent a few questions his way - and his answers are below!

    What did you think of the gameplay?
    Type-0's gameplay reminds me of Crisis Core or Kingdom Hearts. I can move the characters freely without waiting for turns or "atb gauges" (like in Lightning Returns). I also like the fact that you can play ALL of the members of Class 0 plus Machina and Rem. And each of them have unique movesets which is awesome. I only wish every one of them has an ultimate move or a limit break of sorts. I'm into flashy super moves.

    What did you think of the story?
    When I buy games, I'm usually after the story and the art. I'm not one who's picky about gameplay. Type-0's story is close to home for me. It deals with war and the fact that no one actually wins it - there are only losers and thousands of senseless deaths. Living in a place that has seen conflict and people raising arms, I get to identify with the characters in the story who share the same circumstances.

    What would you say is the best thing about the game?
    Aside from the story, I LOVE the characters. Everyone's unique and has his/her own charm. Some stand out from the others, but as a whole, they're awesome! I also love the epic soundtrack. Final Fantasy's always known for that. That song in the end by "Bump of Chicken" has so much feels!

    What about the game did you find most inspiring when creating your artwork?
    When I'm watching an anime or playing a game, I always look for characters that make some sort of impact on me. And they're usually the subjects of my artworks. It's like my way of portraying them through my own style. And I have to know what these characters are going through - I wanna draw them with the kind of emotions I feel from them. Also I'm inspired by the style of the artists who CREATED the characters. It's almost like learning from them even though I never get to see them in person.

    Which is your favourite art piece of yours?
    This one...

    ...and also another that could be seen as kind of spoiler-y, so click at your own peril!

    Do you have any favourite Type-0 FanArt by any other artists?
    datworks: Final Fantasy type-0 by zuqling

    A huge thanks to Nick-Ian for both art and questions! To check out more art in his incredibly creative style (seriously, he probably have the most creative designs of any artist I know on DA), click here for his gallery.
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    1. Ace Protorney's Avatar
      Ace Protorney -
      He does have a very nice style to his art! I really enjoy each one of the artworks you have in this special showcase.
    1. Psychotic's Avatar
      Psychotic -
      That guy has a ridiculous amount of talent, incredible work.
    1. black orb's Avatar
      black orb -
      >>> These are watercolors? looks pretty cool..
    1. Lynn-Strife's Avatar
      Lynn-Strife -
      Such talent! beautiful this special edition!
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