• Better Know A Behemoth: Square Actually Reads This!!!!!

    Youíre a young prince with an unusually deep voice. You and your motley crew of amigos are stranded as your car needs major repairs. So whatís a better way to make a quick buck than to hunt down a bounty? Mind you, so far you only exist in a demo, so how difficult can this be?

    Well, itís a Behemoth, one of Final Fantasyís toughest fiends to ever appear in the long running series. This Behemoth, which appears in the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo, is known as Deadeye for being blind in one eye. Despite that, heís a behemoth of a Behemoth, probably the largest ever to appear in the series. (You can check it all out in Psychoticís Letís Play by clicking this link!)

    Of all the legendary creatures to appear in Final Fantasy lore, why would Square Enix go with the Behemoth? Square seems to be blowing a high level enemy on a game that only a partial group of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD fans who were fortunate enough to get the demo code, will play, but really that isnít the case. Square knew they had to bring out the big guns (literally) to showcase the next big game, as itís been met with delays of all types. Of all the monsters weíve come to know and love, there was none more perfect than the Behemoth to appear in Episode Duscae.

    Behemoths are born from a Hebrew legend. They are the Primal Beast of the Land, which at the end of time will battle Leviathan (another familiar name in the Final Fantasy series), the Primal Beast of the Sea. Over time, the word behemoth came to describe anything large.

    In this series, they first appeared in Final Fantasy II, where they were a boss in the Palamecian Coliseum. Later in the game, as well as the rest of the series, they are random encounters. Despite the demotion, they are still incredibly powerful enemies.

    These Mohawk donning monstrosities have brought on night terrors to many fans of Final Fantasy IV, where Cecil and his compadres crossed paths (often) with them in the Lunar Subterrane, suffering from its mighty physical attacks, itís maxed out magic defense, and itís Maelstrom spell.

    Various other Behemoths have appeared throughout the series. One of note from Final Fantasy VI is the Intangir. Itís the toughest enemy in the World of Balance, having more HP than the Ultima Weapon and counters with Meteor. It starts the battle Invisible (as well as asleep), and when awaken, it unleashes its deadly attack before making itself disappear again. If defeated, though, one can earn 10 ABP, which one canít do better at that point of the game.

    In the last two generations of Final Fantasy games, the Behemothsí appearances looked quite different. In Final Fantasy XII, these beasts were bipedal warrior-beasts, wielding large swords. They appear in many forms, from Werewolves, to Yetis, to Humbabas. Each one is more vicious than the other, culminating in the boss Fenrir, a large tiger-esque terror.

    In the Lightning Trilogy, fans will remember Behemoths as being quadrupedal monsters that at a certain loss of HP will become bipedal and use the crest from their heads as a sword. Some of these also appear mechanical, which differs greatly from the supernatural beasts that normally confront our heroes.

    As you can see, this is only a partial list of appearances this majestic monster has appeared in. Either behemoths or a member of the behemoth family has appeared in every game since Final Fantasy II, so it was obvious that theyíd appear in the Final Fantasy XV demo. The only question that remains, will Noctis and Company be able to take down the cycloptic terror and pay for their car repairs, or will they forever have to camp out in the wilderness, fighting the same dog creatures until Final Fantasy XV finally makes its debut.
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    1. Spooniest's Avatar
      Spooniest -
      The Behemoths in Final Fantasy IV are the worst. You get the dubious pleasure of having to fight 3 of them just to stand before Bahamut.

      You ever try casting something the Behemoth doesn't like? He responds with Maelstrom. If you know FF4, you know that Maelstrom is the worst news your party could see...all of everyone's HP are reduced to <10.

      Try fighting with <10 HP. Yah.

      The trick is to cast Blink a lot, and nail it to the wall with some physical attacks.

      However, as Mr. Yahtzee Croshaw noted, SE does a pretty good job of changing up the combat engines in each new game, so the Behemoth in the Duscae Demo may or may not respond to physical attacks and magic attacks in the same way. Good luck.
    1. Christmas's Avatar
      Christmas -
      I love their naked sexy muscles.
    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      My favorite incarnations are FFII (debut baby!), FFIV as Spooniest mentioned because they are easily the nastiest version I've seen, and honestly Deadeye in the FFXV Duscae demo. The quest is less interesting in the full game but the demo did a great job building the fight up.

      I like their design in FFVI as well.
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