• [E3 2015] Tangled will be in Kingdom Hearts 3 and a new trailer!

    Offically during the Square Enix Conference at E3, they confiremd Tangled will be one of the included worlds. We also got a brand new trailer.

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      The Tangled world does look pretty neat! I wonder what other new worlds there will be. I'm excited for it. the game-play does look markedly faster paced.
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      I'm pretty sure Frozen is a given.
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      The teacup move that they do seems to me like something from Beauty and the Beast, and that golden chariot would probably be Herculese. Not sure if the pirate ship is Peter Pan related.

      I've only watched the trailer once so far but I'm still super hyped. I just don't understand how they're not able to even give us the YEAR it's going to be released, squeenix are the absolute worst at releasing games.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkin View Post


      Interest in game slowly rising.
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      Needless to say... I pee'ed a little bit, and then had to compose myself because I was live blogging.

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      This "leaked" video showing a Winter 2016 release date at the end just showed up on Youtube.

      It certainly sounds real.

      Legit? Fake? You decide!
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      Yeah I stumbled across that on another YouTube channel earlier today, before the conference: https://twitter.com/ashliiful/status/610754427201437696

      Said channel has now been deleted... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTnflU7Grqs

      So... hmmm...

      Though I've seen way too many grainy camera phone fakes in my time...

      But Winter 2016 would make sense.
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      Jinx -
      And the train is...what, Dumbo?
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      Aulayna -
      Watching SEP right now, apparently all the dev team demanded to get Tangled into KH3. They have great taste!
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      Pheesh -
      They literally said nothing of interest in that SEP, there was a really handy info graphic showing the KH timeline with all the games on there though. Also those special moves are 'theme park rides' apparently, kinda weird but they look cool I guess.
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      It looks like the main battle system is an extension of BbS' Form system except it looks like it depends on which Keyblade is equipped. It's interesting to note that Sora doesn't seem to have the Kingdom Key in the trailer...
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      I think the real question is will the optional party member for that world be something predictable like Rapunzel or Flynn OR will it be the awesome horse taking down heartless with a sword his mouth?
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      It'll be Repunzel I'm pretty sure, they talked in the panel about how they were excited by how Repunzel uses her hair to attack.
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      I am all for Repunzel being in the party and hair whipping some bitches.
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      I watched the trailer earlier, and can't wait to give this one a go and see where the story leads!
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      I kept tabs on a twitter feed form KHinsider about the SEP dev talk. It was late though so I couldn't whip it up in article.

      An interesting thing was that the dandylion heartless in tangled will create more heartless when you hit it. I was amused.
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      The Summoner of Leviathan -

      Is it me or do new abilities and attack seem to be linked with keyblades? Olympus Keyblade has the Pegasus pulling chariot attack, etc...?
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      Quote Originally Posted by ToriJ View Post
      I am all for Repunzel being in the party and hair whipping some bitches.
      Be careful what you wish for.
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