• This Week In Social Media: Week 21!

    Welcome back to another edition of This Week In Social Media! We've got some neato completo Julio Coolio stuff for you, brought to you by random peoples on the Internet. And if the Internet wasn't created for us to look at fan related Final Fantasy stuff, then I don't know what it's for. Also, check out the Ciddies! Because I said so.

    Tumblr -

    Oh my gosh, why is there always so much Tifa fanart!? Because people keep making really good Tifa fanart, that's why! If you don't like it you can take it up with them.

    Source - Tumblr user carudamon119


    Facebook -

    Seems about right.

    Source - Final Fantasy 8 Facebook group


    Google+ -

    Oh my gosh, more Final Fantasy VII? Yes, now stop asking questions and enjoy all of the pink currently filling your screen. Let it overwhelm you. Shhh, only happy thoughts.

    Source - Google+ user Usagi


    Reddit -

    Here is some fanart from Final Fantasy XIII! Everyone like that game, right? Right?

    Source - Reddit user aspilanti84


    Pinterest -


    Source - Pinterest user Hector Velez


    Twitter -

    This is beautiful! One of my favourite fanarts so far. I love how happy they look together

    Source - Twitter account Anime Artwork


    Youtube -

    And as usual, enjoy yourself some Final Fantasy music to finish off your day!

    Source - Youtube user haconiwa


    So that's all the social media goodness we have for you this week, make sure you follow us on all of our social media sites! Yes, all of them. Make the accounts, go ahead, I'll wait.

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    Comments 7 Comments
    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      Tifa & Cloud Cloud are the best
    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      The Tifa one is awesome. I like the Squall/Selphie and Tidus/Yuna ones, too.
    1. Zanmato's Avatar
      Zanmato -
      Tifa and Cloud are definitely the best here! :3
    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      Tifa and Cloud look really great.

      I liked the Tidus/Yuna art, but something about Tidus's face doesn't look right. He looks...menacing!
    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      I see it now, too.

    1. Egami's Avatar
      Egami -
      Love the ones of Tifa and Cloud, nicely done.
    1. sharkythesharkdogg's Avatar
      sharkythesharkdogg -
      There's been some really great fan art in these articles. Lots of talent out there.

      The Tifa one is really impressive.
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