• Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer

    The Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer has just been revealed, showing us new insight in to the game! I'm not a news lady so I'll just throw some images at you!

    So we get a little bit of story in this.

    Intrigued? We also get to see some more of the lady Luna

    She appears to be being attacked by a masked man in armour.

    We then see some men in armour patrolling the streets. We also get another look at out doggy friend going through the town.

    It isn't too long before we see the young Noctis and his father in a rather touching moment.

    We get another look at the area, and some closing words.

    No release date confirmed, but you can preorder on Amazon.

    Full trailer can be watched here:

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    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      I kinda wonder who that old guy is. He doesn't look like Regis at all - he's way too old. Maybe he's Noctis's dead grandpa or something?

      Come to think of it, he kinda looks like Galuf.
    1. Psychotic's Avatar
      Psychotic -
      Doggy looks injured
    1. Saber's Avatar
      Saber -
      What I got from it is the kid in the scene is the main character. I've seen trailers on youtube but was waiting for this to come out. SE was quite impressed with the dog. It gave more story depth, like perhaps we won't be young adults fighting big bad enemies all the time but we'll see each enemy grow. Can't wait to get this game!!!
    1. Zanmato's Avatar
      Zanmato -
      The world in this game reminds me FFVII somehow, but it's a good thing, actually.
      It's futuristic, yet the swords are still there - I think that fantasy will still rely on these weapons, heh. :P
      I can't wait for the game! It's gonna be interesting, for sure. :3
    1. Noctis Caelum's Avatar
      Noctis Caelum -
      Never have we seen a Final Fantasy game with such a realistic setting. I have to say, it's pretty refreshing. They really seem to want to focus on the character development for this. And I'm completely for it. Was just kind of gutted that a release date wasn't at the end of the trailer. But it's not too late to get that nugget of wisdom, Gamescom only just started after all.
    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      That was... interesting. The music was pretty cool with the Prelude motif but the trailer asks more questions than answers, and not quite in the "Oh my goodness I need this game now! I MUST KNOW!!!" kind of way. Hopefully there will be more info with interviews and whatnot.
    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      Yeah, Gamescom only just started. We may be getting more info over the upcoming days.
    1. Tyson's Avatar
      Tyson -
      Disappointing there was no release date. "Preorder at Amazon" must be a good sign tho right? :S

      With that being said I loved the trailer, a big concern with the changeover from Versus to XV was the tone, 15 seemed very light and fluffy compared to the original dark/serious way Versus was first shown. Nice to see that is still present in the game.

      Also I love that we're getting flashbacks of Noctis/Luna, my biggest gripe with XII/XIII was the lack of interesting characters/development. Looks like that's going to rectified
    1. Loony BoB's Avatar
      Loony BoB -
      Please, please, please let Liam Neeson voice act the old dude. I can't look at him and not hear Liam Neeson.
    1. Jinx's Avatar
      Jinx -
      Luna's hair looks SO much better. Not that stupid gel-hardened curly ponytail thing that hasn't been in fashion since 2004.
    1. fat_moogle's Avatar
      fat_moogle -
      I'm wondering what the figures are in the mist at the end of the trailer. I might be looking in to it too much, but the figure in the centre kind of looks like Alexander.

      EDIT: On second glance...maybe not so much. But the figure on the left looks like an Iron Giant.

      Doesn't it? xD
    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      Occuria confirmed
    1. Del Murder's Avatar
      Del Murder -
      Hm, that wasn't much. Hopefully more to come. The Noctis's dad holding him scene went on a little too long.
    1. Necronopticous's Avatar
      Necronopticous -
      This game has been delivering seemingly inexhaustible disappointment for nearly a decade. It is a cornucopia of failure.
    1. SapientiaXIII's Avatar
      SapientiaXIII -
      That was, uh...very underwhelming, to say the least.
    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      I 2nd Fynn on the Galuf thing. He also looks like Christian Bale 30 years from now.

      It doesn't really give us a whole lot for a story trailer, but I think there's got to be a lot of symbolism in there. The crippled dog in particular has to have some bigger meaning. For some reason, when I first saw the dog, I thought for some reason it would morph into Noctis or something.
    1. Noctis Caelum's Avatar
      Noctis Caelum -
      It hasn't really been mentioned, but the contrast to this trailer is really kind of fascinating. At the start, we have child-Luna getting abused in what looks like a possible rape scene -- very controversial to say the least, but we don't know for sure what happens there, but in any event, it doesn't look good at all. And the end, we have the tenderness of Lucis and kid-Noctis.

      I loved the part where Noctis pushed his father away, possibly because Lucis' beard is itchy, NOT because he's rejecting his father's affection. I'm a sucker for small touches like that.

      The trailer doesn't show much in the gameplay department, but again, we've seen plenty of that, and I wanted more story/character development anyway.

      And, how about those three large Guardian esque things high up in the sky? It's already been confirmed that they are NOT summons, so... what on earth could they be? I get that people are disappointed with this trailer, but there's quite a bit of intrigue involved when you look a little deeper into things.
    1. Lamia's Avatar
      Lamia -
      Was expecting more TBH. Their other trailers were good... this one, not so much. Doesn't really tell me much more about the game.
    1. SapientiaXIII's Avatar
      SapientiaXIII -
      We really haven't seen much gameplay at all, imo. E3 2013, then what, the demo? That doesn't even include all of the full abilities that are hopefully going to be in the game? I'd like to see more gameplay from further into the game, not cities and things we've already seen before in a dull trailer. A crippled dog isn't much in the way of symbolism, and really - I'd rather contemplate the significance of a dog in the final game and see some legit gameplay as soon as possible.

      I hope this all didn't come out as really negative or condescending. I think I'm just bored of FFXV at the moment. Duscae bored me, it's been in development for such a long time that that has bored me, lol.

      Heck...say what you will about the FFXIII series, but at least those games came out in a relatively timely manner.
    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      The trailer seemed to care more about setting the tone, which is... fine, actually, IMO. Perhaps it really is just laying the groundwork for other trailers. But even if it isn't, the tone and the sheer raw quality of the emotions is really something we have t seen in an FF yet.

      Which makes me all the more sad to see so much hate in this thread. Yes, the wait is long, but we've already seen a lot of exciting stuff and it's all looking really amazing. After the train wreck that was XIII, things are looking really fantastic for this game, and it all seems so fresh and new for FF with tons of actual creative thought put into it. Unlike anything Toriyama was ever capable of. So no, I disagree that the XIIIs coming out in a timely fashion makes them anything more than that. While XV looks like a huge endeavor and I'm happy to wait twice as long, seeing how unique this game looks.
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