• This Week In Social Media: Week 27!

    Welcome to another edition of This Week In Social Media, now moved to Fridays! Why? Because Fridays are the best days! You're probably slacking off at work right now (don't deny it), and we're here to help you fill that slacker time with various social media stuffs!


    Twitter -

    Let's start you off this week with some Final Fantasy VII cosplay! I'm always interested in the gender bender cosplays, what do you think?

    Source - Twitter user cosplay lover


    Reddit -

    I absolutely adore this art The style, the colouring, the detail. All so beautiful!

    Source - reddit user Alkhemiens, artist Yuuki Kira


    Tumblr -

    Speaking of beautiful artwork, here's some Aeris/th and Tseng for you! What a pretty couple they would make!

    Source - Tumblr user Final Heaven


    Facebook -

    That's the scariest Tonberry I have ever seen.

    Source - Facebook group ultimate Final Fantasy


    Google+ -

    All kinds of interesting couples that we're seeing this time around!

    Source - Google+ user Vanitas Unversed


    Pinterest -

    Here are some of the main FF men for you to stare at. Oh gosh those Tidus eyebrows.

    Source - Pinterest user Darrell Daughtry


    YouTube -

    I can't listen to this right now because of all the housework, so uhh you can listen and tell me how awesome it is. Make sure to describe each sound to me in great detail.

    Source - Youtube user sonicwave1000


    So that's it for this week, make sure to subscribe, compliment is, and send us some things and that whole dealio. Have a great weekend!

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    1. FFIX Choco Boy's Avatar
      FFIX Choco Boy -
      But... Tidus and Vaan aren't main characters at all.
    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      The cosplayer looks more like Yazoo than Cloud.

      Second and third image looks amazing.
    1. Bri's Avatar
      Bri -
    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ayen View Post
      The cosplayer looks more like Yazoo than Cloud.

      Second and third image looks amazing.
      I think the cosplayer is supposed to be Sephiroth. I think.
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