• Never Forget Them: Bartz and Boko

    Never Forget Them: Bartz and Boko

    Welcome to another edition of Never Forget Them. Hitch a ride on your favourite meteor and be prepared to examine thisgratifying friendship between man and ostrich-chicken-bird looking thing. Let's take a look at some of the things that make Bartz and Boko's relationship so memorable.

    Breaking the Language Barrier

    Okay I'm going to spoil the game for you here but, Boko does not speak the human tongue. GASP I hear you cry out. I know, it's quite shocking, but it's true. Boko is actually a Chocobo and in this game, he speaks Kweh and Wark. However, Bartz and Boko's friendship is one that transcends language. They have a bond, they know what the other one needs, and they don't even need to speak the same language!

    Boko: Kweh! Kweh kweh!
    Bartz: ...I know, it's just a girl and an old man... And with all those goblins
    around... Fine, I got it, I got it.
    As we can see, Bartz and Boko don't need to speak the same language in order to have deep and meaningful conversations. It takes a strong bond to overcome something like that, and it's something they've managed to pull off flawlessly. And thanks to Bartz understanding his Chocobo companion, we also get a peek at what appears to be some Chocobo sass.

    No Matter How Long You're Apart

    At one point in the game, Bartz goes off adventuring with the Princess, the Pirate, and the amnesiac old man. You know, as you do. Boko unfortunately gets left behind in order to keep him out of danger and not at all to inconvenience the player. There is an optional scene you can stumble upon where we find out Boko is injured. However, the world still needs saving and all that noise, and so Bartz and Boko are separated again.

    Bartz: Boko might still be over in that cave to the west...
    Krile: Boko?
    Bartz: He's my prized chocobo- and my best friend.
    When you return later on in the game, you find that Boko has been keeping himself (or should I say getting) busy. Despite being apart for so long and having gone through so much without each other, the two reunite and are just as close as ever. They're such good friends that no matter how much time they spend apart, it feels as if they never left each others side.

    Genuine Support

    As I mentioned before, Bartz and Boko spend a good amount of time apart. And while Bartz is off defeating the evil sentient tree, Boko is busy falling in love and having babies!

    Krile: He says that he loves her...
    Bartz: Slick!
    When they're reunited, Bartz asks Boko for a favour. They need his Chocoboing skills to get to their next destination. Boko accepts, understanding his friend's need for his help. Bartz, meanwhile, makes sure it's okay with Boko's new family situation, even politely addressing Boko's new wife and reassuring her that her husband will return safe and sound. These two friends are not jealous, not petty towards each other, but instead they're genuinely supportive and happy for each others success.

    I don't know about you, but I'd be happy to develop a friendship half as good as what these two have. What did you think of Bartz and Boko? What part of their friendship did you like the most? Which other friends would you like featured? Let us know!
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    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      Bartz's friendship w/ Boko is often overlooked. FFV is such a great game, even though it's probably more character driven than plot driven. The characters are so great, though, that it doesn't matter.
    1. sharkythesharkdogg's Avatar
      sharkythesharkdogg -
      Just two bros on a camping trip!

      Bartz and Boko never get enough love, but their friendship is one of the best in the FF series.
    1. Midgar Mist's Avatar
      Midgar Mist -
      Bartz and Boko are cutesy
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