• Tabata and Nomura Reveal Plans for their Next Projects

    Director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata and Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura answered a few questions in the recent issue of video game magazine Dengeki PlayStation.

    Interviewer: After Final Fantasy XV, what kind of game would you like to make?

    Tabata: There will definitely be something next. And Iíd like to challenge something large-scaled, too. It wonít be a sequel to Final Fantasy XV, and not a series that follows the flow as seen in the Final Fantasy Type-0 series.

    Interviewer: Any plans for your next completely new title?

    Nomura: I have mountains of plans, and I would like to work on them if given the occasion, but thatís what I havenít had lately.

    Inteviewer: Tell us more on Kingdom Hearts III!

    Nomura: There will be new information at the Disney Event ďD23Ē on November 3rd!

    Source http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/06...sXymOwRvq5Z.99

    What would you like to see in the next numbered Final Fantasy and what would you expect to be revealed at the Tokyo D23 event? The US event back in August revealed that Big Hero 6 will be a world in Kingdom Hearts III.
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    1. Del Murder's Avatar
      Del Murder -
      SE sure has giving no information down to a science.
    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      Finish what you're working on first.

      Y-You guys do remember how to finish a game, right? Right?

    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      My favorite comment in the article was that Tabata's future plans is to take over Nomura's future big projects after he drags their development out too long.
    1. Leigh's Avatar
      Leigh -
      So, what we learned in this article is that Tabata plans to continue breathing oxygen after the completion of XV. And Nomura has plans, but the whores at Square Enix won't let him make any progress on them.

      If it wasn't so obfuscated, it would almost sound depressing.
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