• Location, Location, Location: Macalania Woods - Spira

    If you're after a spiritual getaway, and you're craving nature and mystery, then look no further than Macalania Woods. So often we're bombarded with technology and we drain ourselves with the tasks and worries of everyday life. Sometimes, the only cure is to step away from it all and step into a tranquil haven of nature.

    Macalania Woods is found in Spira, and is central to many locations. To the west you will find bustling Bevelle, and to the east you will stumble across the lushious valleys of the Calm Lands. This location is perfect for recharging your batteries - so pack up your tent and sleeping bag and get ready to get down and dirty and back into Mother Nature's serene embrace.

    For the Adventurer...
    The snaking paths through this labyrinth maze of forest mean you can hike for hours and get lost in the peaceful, silent surroundings. Such mammoth sized Woods means that there is bound to be some lost treasures buried beneath branches, and flattened beside roots, twinkling up in the leaves. So get your Magpie eyes on and get hunting for trinkets...

    For the Lover of Nature...
    Follow Macalania forests butterfly trail, and sneak your way through each tree and crystal formation to spy the mysterious and ethereal butterflies that swarm through Macalania throughout the seasons. As well as the butterflies, you are sure to stumble across other creatures living in the heart of the forest and off the beaten path - if only you dare to seek them out...

    For the Spa Addicts...
    Step right through to the Macalania Spring. Lie back and look up at the canopy of towering trees and float through the crystal clear water. Said to have healing properties like no other due to the activity of the Fayth in Macalania Temple. The entire area around the Spring is perfect for those of us who like to be pampered, give yourself a natural mud mask, and perfume yourself with the flowers that grow in abundance by these waters...

    You surely won't be able to get a tan in Macalania Woods, but you will be spiritually enlightened and at one with the world. It is a truly unique experience to soak up this sumptuous jewel in the crown that is Spira. It is unknown how long the Woods will last in the world that is becoming less and less spiritual, and more reliant on modern machina, so be sure to visit before they wither away into a desolate plain.

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    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      Oh man, Macalania Woods is one of my favorite places in all the FF games. It's so pretty. I think I will visit there if I can!
    1. CactuarKing's Avatar
      CactuarKing -
      Been through here not so long ago on my FFX HD Remaster playthrough. One of my favourite places in the game.

      Well written post!
    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      Loving the series so far Fury, keep it up!
    1. Night Fury's Avatar
      Night Fury -
      Where shall we be going next? Who knows!!!

      (any requests lemme know!)
    1. Rocket Edge's Avatar
      Rocket Edge -
      Nice read. I find the Macalania Woods so magical. I remember being in awe of it when I first played this game, and the music fits the image to a tee. Certainly one of my favourite areas from the FF series.

      How about an area of FFVIII? I loved so many places in that game.
    1. CactuarKing's Avatar
      CactuarKing -
      Bring on Balamb.......
    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      I would love to read one of these on somewhere in FFIX or VIII if you have any ideas
    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      Quote Originally Posted by Night Fury View Post
      Where shall we be going next? Who knows!!!

      (any requests lemme know!)
      RALLY HO! ooo or treno
    1. Bubba's Avatar
      Bubba -
      I've read that people hate this location. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised as anything Final Fantasy-related will receive love and hate in equal measure.

      This is absolutely one of the most beautiful locations in video game history, never mind just in the FF series.
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