• Location, Location, Location: Rabanastre - Ivalice

    By now you're probably feeling rather well acquainted with these short tasters and weekly doses of concentrated wanderlust. So just as a recap and teasing reminder, we've already looked at Costa del Sol, Macalania Woods, Deep Jungle, and today I'd like to share with you something completely different - my offering this week, gentle viewer, is that of a wonderful and grand city! Towers of stone have been turned into noble art and the streets are paved not only with stones but opportunities and chance. Welcome to Rabanastre! Rabanastre is in fact the capital of the Kingdom of Dalmasca, so you could say it is the London of Ivalice, as this is very well where the royals reside.

    Step out of your luxury hotel into bustling streets of grandeur - gasp at the architecture that towers up to clear blue skies where the airships fly. Stroll north from Rabanastre's busy centre to discover the Royal Palace, or hustle down to the east end to shop until you drop! You'll never feel lonely in Rabanastre - thousands reside here, but like many cities you may feel surrounded by people but never for a second assume you have company. You can still isolate yourself and get lost with yourself amongst this 24/7 lifestyle.

    It's a city that never sleeps, and nor will you with so many things to see and to do.

    For the Adventurer...
    What can you possibly do in a city that is worth setting time aside to holiday there? You may ask me this question and more, in that case let me begin to spill the secret of Rabanastre for an adventurer. Get yourself down to The Sandsea and get to know the clientele, definitely butter up the staff if you want this to be a profitable stay. Scan the hunting boards for the jobs that will earn you some fair coin and you might even begin to make a name for yourself too. Do enough and you might even get yourself a rare invite to the Clan Centurio Hall. I, a mere travel agent, of course know nothing about this at all... Moving on!

    For the Shopaholic...
    This is probably the first destination I've shared that is worthy of your time, plenty of rarities can be found in Rabanastre if only you know where to look. I assure you that if your pockets are full of coins when you begin, they will surely be empty by the time you've hit mid afternoon. Head across to the East End for the main markets, you can find spells, antiquities, potions, clothing, and armour down here. If it's true jewels you're after though, be sure to hit the Muthru Bazaar and Lowtown, they can be a little on the sketchy side, but just hold onto your purse and get those bargains.

    For the Hipster...
    Alright, if it's just some chill you're looking for, and you just want to do some people-watching then you need to head over to the Southern Plaza. Lie out under the palm trees and count the airships that pass - have a drink of Rabanastrian Coffee (see if you can get some added liquor too!). Musicians gather here, and travellers begin their journeys here so it can be quite an energetic place to spend an afternoon. You'll never do so much, while really doing nothing anywhere else.

    For the Airship Lover...
    Finally, for you my friend I have just the place for you to go - get yourself over to the Aerodrome and look at all the airships that dock here. You can talk to pilots, take photos, touch the airships, get on board... You can probably even persuade a pilot to take you for a ride around. There is absolutely no better way to see Rabanastre than from above. Imagine the buildings you have already admired from the bottom up, it's not time to admire them from the top down. You will gain a whole new appreciation for the city when you're looking down on it like you're royalty yourself. It's simply unforgettable.

    So I wonder if you're now considering a luxury city break after this. It's easy to fall in love with Rabanastre, it has had it's share of political issues in the past, but despite all of this it remains a beautiful destination in Ivalice to consider for your next holiday. There is plenty here for everyone... You know you want to...
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    1. Galuf's Avatar
      Galuf -
      My favourite city in FF, i love the bustling streets and its not even confusing to go through. plus friendly people like Migelo, Kites Tomaj and who can forget the adorable Mont Blanc. truly a great place
    1. Pheesh's Avatar
      Pheesh -
      I've just started playing through this and it is indeed a beautiful starting city. It really feels alive with how bustling the streets are, and the architecture is fantastic.
    1. Omni-Odin's Avatar
      Omni-Odin -
      Me too. Rabanastre was a city I didn't leave for a long time. While I'm more of a Midgar/Garden man, this gave us that awesome medieval (yet technologically savvy) environment we hadn't seen since IX. And after seeing the end of XII and playing through Revenant Wings, I would never leave my airship in the Aerodrome. They seem to go missing from there quite a lot.
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