• Final Fantasy VIII's Anniversary!

    February 11th will mark the anniversary of one of my favourite games of all time ever, Final Fantasy VIII! This was one of my first Final Fantasy games and is one of the games that ignited my love and passion for RPG's. To commemorate, I am going to list 8 things I love about Final Fantasy VIII!

    1. The Guardian Forces

    I love how easy and accessible the summons were in this game. I liked getting to decide who got which one and seeing how it would affect their stats and everything. VIII also has most of my favourite summon designs. I really like the way Shiva, Ifrit, Carbuncle, and Leviathan look. It was nice to have them so usable because I ofetn times find myself neglecting the summons in other games.

    2. The World

    Final Fantasy VIII has probably my favourite Final Fantasy world and one of my favourite RPG worlds overall. There were so many beautiful locations with such variety. Balamb, Fisherman's Horizon, Winhill, Esthar, just to name a few. They were all such gorgeous areas and I look forward to seeing them every playthrough.

    Final Fantasy VIII has some wonderful music that really help set the mood. The Fisherman's Horizon theme really adds to the atmosphere of the town and the world map theme is my second favourite in the series. Overture is one of my favourite video game songs overall as well. So many memorable tracks to help make this game special.

    4. The Opening Cinematic

    The opening of Final Fantasy VIII captivated me the minute I saw it. The words over the screen, the music, the rushing over the water and watching the scenes change. Rinoa turning a flower petal in to a feather, the battle between Seifer and Squall, the flashes of Edea. The last little bit where Rinoa and Squall are soon to be in each other's arms and then it cuts out and brings up the logo. The opening really sets the stage for the rest of the game.

    5. The Mood Shift

    While many people disagree, I quite enjoyed the turn the story took as the game went on. It went from mercenary kids with a few fantastical elements, to full-blown fantasy with weird creatures, sorceresses, exotic locations, mood shifts, flying Garden's. The whole bit. As someone who enjoys a good bit of fantasy in her stories, this really got me excited.

    6. Looks in to The Past

    At first I found it very confusing to find myself in the Laguna scenarios. Who is this tragic man with the leg cramps? Where is my party? But as the story goes on, you really learn more about Laguna, what happened, and how it relates to the current story. It was very well done and Laguna's story had some beautiful and touching moments that I love.

    7. The Best Love Story

    While Squall and Rinoa make a very cute couple and I enjoy watching him come out of his shell, I'm referring to the actual best love story: Zell and Hot Dogs. A love that knows no bounds. Seriously though, I enjoy many of the secondary love stories and was glad to see them in abundance in this game. Laguna and Julia, Laguna and Raine, Zell and Pigtail Girl, Selphie and Irvine, Cid and Matron. The game just spreads the love around!

    8. Squall

    I personally find Squall to be one of the best written and relatable protagonists in the entire series. Getting to hear his internal monologue and understand what he's thinking, seeing him slowly open up his heart and get his thoughts and feelings and actions in sync, watching him grow from a moody teenager to a heroic friend. It was magical and it really showed the growth and progress of the story as well.

    These were some of my favourite things about Final Fantasy VIII. This list is obviously subjective though, so I would love it if you could share some of your favourite things about the game as well! Have fun celebrating the anniversary of this classic game!
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    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      I agree with most of these. Final Fantasy VIII was the second FF I played, and I played more of it as a kid the first time around so it stayed with me better than VII had through the years. I can still remember a lot of the locations from memory and once had a save file just to run around as Squall when I found out you could leave Galbadia Garden without your party and go off solo.
    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      I haven't played a Final Fantasy other than IX in a long ass time.
    1. Pheesh's Avatar
      Pheesh -
      Squall's gunblade is my favourite weapon from any Final Fantasy I've played. It's such a unique, polished and compact design. It doesn't need to take up half the screen like some other character's weapons have over the years, and it suits squall perfectly.
    1. Galuf's Avatar
      Galuf -
      i thought FFVIII was HORRIBLE first time around, i never knew wtf i was doing, and it took me 4 hours to get to the final Ultimecia form because i was dumb.

      Second time around i thought it was pretty good, bit easy, but good. I liked it yeah, and beat ultimecia in 10 mins. Thats why you have to learn junctioning, kids.
    1. maybee's Avatar
      maybee -
      /hugs copy of FF 8
    1. charliepanayi's Avatar
      charliepanayi -
      I was in love with this game from the moment I first saw the opening FMV. Liberi Fatali is a brilliant piece of music.
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