• Final Fantasy VIII Remix Album Now Available for Download

    If there is one thing that really spells out Final Fantasy above every other element making up the games, it is the music. Fans of Final Fantasy will always speak fondly of the music that plays through each scene - from the most action packed, to the most dramatic and heartbreaking. It's almost like the music itself is a character in the story, narrating the plot to us through a catchy and often melancholic melody.

    As a way to celebrate the seventeen year anniversary of Final Fantasy VIII, production company 'Materia Collective' have come together with over 100 musicians, from arrangers, composers, and even some YouTube personalities. They have described the six-disc collection as "unique and imaginative". If you're not sure about it, you can listen to some of the remixes over on YouTube. I've taken one of my favourites for your listening pleasure! (And I assure you, they are all worth your time.)

    The remix album truly encapsulates the spirit of Final Fantasy VIII, and gives a charming retouch to some of Nobuo Uematsu's finest work. The songs are absolutely stunning, and well worth having a listen too. It is a testament to Uematsu's work that seventeen years after the release of Final Fantasy VIII, fans are still finding new ways to celebrate the compositions, give them new twists, and pour their own love into them.

    'Successor' is the follow up to Materia Collective's first album of remixes; Materia. Materia, of course being the remixes of another Final Fantasy musical colossus - fan favourite Final Fantasy VII. The Collective Materia founder Sebastian Wolff has said in a statement; "Final Fantasy VIII is musically distinct, and its eclectic mix of music suited our diverse skillsets."

    So there you have it! If you'd like to download this album, it can be found on iTunes, Google Play, and Loudr.
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      My internet is crap, but I will have to get back to this once the girlfriend is done downloading a game and bingeing on Netflix, because while I don't really care for the game, I kind of adored the music.. :3
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