• Xenogears Mech Game?

    Square Enix recently showed a trailer and launched a teaser site using the Xenogears logo. While there isn't too much information yet, and what information there is is in Japanese, it looks like it might be some kind of mech fighter or shooter game. More news will be revealed on the 23rd, but for now it appears to only be Japanese PC. Is this something you would like to see in English or in your country? Are you curious to hear more news about this?

    Check out the site here:

    And the trailer here:

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    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      Yeah, Figureheads was a Japan PC only five-on-five mecha shooter series they did last year. Looks like this may be a sequel to that game utilizing the Xenogears IP. Nice to see Squenix remembering they actually have this IP.

      Would be interesting to see it if it came over but I'm not holding my breath since I believe the original Figureheads stayed in Japan. Course, thanks to Xenoblade, SE may change their mind on that but again, not holding my breath.
    1. Vyk's Avatar
      Vyk -
      Not sure how much I trust them in that regard. I don't know anything about Figureheads, so I can't make any direct comparisons. Like I hope if they do this that there isn't any story involved, because I don't trust them to make a decent Xenogears related story. But Figureheads may have just been straight fighting without story. In which case I won't mind it exists. If it's good, I'll want some of it. But most likely I'll just pretend it doesn't exist
    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      New trailer showing off four of the Gears you can choose from. Despite the crossover aspect, the Gears still follow the rules of the game so they use guns and sub-weapons as opposed to battling as they do in the original game. Also, it looks like you can choose Fei, Elly, Citan, or Bart as pilots. The way they are doing this kind of reminds me of the crossover boss battles in Rise of Mana. It was possible to battle the Boy, Girl, and Sprite from Secret of Mana, as well as a battle against Ramza, Agrias, and T.G. Cid. So I feel this is what is happening here. Not really a new game for Xenogears, more of a cameo in SE's new Mecha series. I bet they'll do something similar with Front Mission if they haven't already.

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