• GameStop Sale on PC Square Enix Games (NA)

    Have you been itching to play some Square Enix games on the PC but don't like forking over your hard earned cash? Well, GameStop on the North American side has decided to let you fork over 70% less of your hard earned cash with certain Square Enix PC titles.

    Games like Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2, Thief, Life is Strange, and more. It's unclear when the sale will end, so get in your purchases now. Remember this is for PC, and sadly only for North America for now.

    Deals can be found here: http://www.dealzon.com/deals/gamesto...uare-enix-sale
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    1. Electroshock Therapy's Avatar
      Electroshock Therapy -
      Nice! I just bought Final Fantasy VII, VIII, XIII, and XIII-2 for dirt cheap. I'm getting a brand spanking new computer soon so this is good timing. Now to sell my Playstation copies of those games (except XIII-2 as I didn't own that) to get my money back and then some!
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