• Final Fantasy Origins- Chapter I: Birth of Chaos

    A young woman roams the countryside outside of Cornelia, a quaint Kingdom on the Southern Continent. The air is still, as it has been for many generations before she arrived on this chaotic globe. She watches from the shore as the waves heavily crash. “How can they move without the power of the wind to blow them?” she asks herself.

    As she gazes upon the stars in the early morning sky, a bright one low on the horizon beckons to her. Blinking, glimmering, it almost speaks to her. “Gwynhylde,” it calls, in a strong, yet feminine voice, “I have searched for you for many a moon.”

    Gwynhylde swallows, fear and curiosity fill her. “My Goddess, for why do you seek me?”

    The Morning Star dims then shines brightly, illuminating the dawn sky many times greater than the Sun. “I come to bring you a gift,” the mysterious Goddess replies. “I bring you a son, one who dances with the stars.”

    “Dances with the stars…” Gwynhylde wonders, “For what do you mean?”

    “I mean great things, my child,” the voice continues. Then the sky darkens. A beam shoots from the Morning Star and plants itself in the womb of the lass. “He is my gift to you, my gift to existence.”

    Gwynhylde feels a sharp pain in her abdomen. Then a cooling relief upon her whole self. She holds her stomach in her hands. “But what shall I call him?” she asks.

    “Whatever you like,” the Goddess answers. “He is yours now. Take care of him, allow him to grow.” Then the star disappeared.

    Gwynhylde returns home and quietly goes to bed. In a matter of hours her parents will wake her, and she will continue her day working in her father’s Armory.

    While most humanoid gestation takes 9 solar months to complete, in a matter of 4 Gwynhylde found herself in labor.

    “Gwynny,” her mother said, holding her hand, “you’re going to be alright. Just breathe!”

    Gwynhylde huffed and puffed as her Celestial Gift was forcing its way out of her uterus out of her hoo-ha (scientific term in this universe) into the world. After 4 mere hours, a full term baby boy came crying out of her. After the midwife cleaned the baby, she handed him to Gwynhylde’s mother.

    The old woman’s eyes filled with tears. “Oh joy,” she cried, “Despite you not having a husband to share this with, our household is nonetheless blessed by this beautiful baby boy!”

    She handed the child to Gwynhylde, who noticed his flaxen hair. “Babies generally don’t have hair that light so soon after birth, as the Sun has yet to bless it,” the midwife said gleaming. “He truly is blessed, as are you, Gwynny.”

    Gwynhylde smiled. She stroke his fat cheek with her finger while gazing into his soft face. “What do you plan on naming him, Gwynny?” her mother asked.

    Gwynhylde replied immediately, “I want to name him Garland. He needs no blessing from the Sun, as he will dance amongst the stars.”

    The midwife nervously swallowed. She forced a smile. “That’s wonderful, dear.” She, as many midwives, were familiar with the occult, and knew of what dancing with the stars was all about. She gave the baby a gesture of blessing. “Blessed is the soul of this child, this miracle child born upon us this day, the day of our Lord 1987.”

    Gwynhylde tiredly smiled at the midwife as she and her mother replied, “Praise be upon him and our Garland.”
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