• Dragon Quest Heroes II - 4-player co-op!

    Dragon Quest Heroes II is releasing soon in Japan as a follow-up to the popular spin-off to Dragon Quest which mixes classic Dragon Quest characters with a Dynasty Warriors battle system, much like Hyrule Warriors did for Zelda. Yesterday, the team treated us with this presentation, focusing on multiplayer co-op.

    Multiplayer battles play out in the "Space-Time Labyrinth", which was originally intended to be a multiplayer-only dungeon, but was made available for single-player by popular demand. No additional details on the dungeon were provided, but judging by the battle seen in the video, it does promise a log of action.

    Dragon Quest Heroes II comes out in Japan in May on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Playstation Vita. There is no word on the Western release yet. Would you be interested to play this game, should it come out in the West? Are you excited for multiplayer? Did you play the original DQ Heroes? Let us know!
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      Rez09 -
      Ahhhhhhhhhh! I wants it! D: I was super interested in the original, but when I heard it didn't have multiplayer I decided against getting it.
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