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    *Warning, this article contains spoilers*

    Welcome fellow Forumers to another edition of Never Forget Them, where we appreciate the under-appreciated friendships of Final Fantasy. Today we will be looking at Cecil and Rydia and how their relationship evolves as Cecil discards his Dark Knight ways and Rydia literally grows up from a lonely child in to a very strong and kind young woman.

    The Start of Change

    If you've played Final Fantasy IV, you know that Cecil and Rydia did not immediately get off on the right foot, what with him killing her mother and her entire village and all of that. As it turns out, people don't like that. Rydia, as one would expect, was quite displeased.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rydia
    I hate you! You killed my mom!
    After summoning Titan to defeat the invaders (Cecil and Kain), things go a bit awry and Cecil, feeling indebted to Rydia, vows to take care of the young lady, even protecting her from fellow soldiers. This is an important moment in the game because it's where Cecil begins to really think about his actions even deeper and how they affect others. While he was already having his doubts about his orders, this was a strong reinforcement that things were not what they should be.

    Budding Friendship

    As Rydia grows accustomed to Cecil, she begins to defrost and warms up to Cecil, even helping him to cure Rosa with her magic. There's a turning point where she agrees to use fire magic, despite the negative memories it brings up with Cecil and Kain burning her village to the ground. Her casting it shows that she's finally ready to start moving on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rydia
    Stop crying! You're a grownup! You're not supposed to cry! I lost my mom, but I'm not gonna cry anymore
    All Grown Up

    Cecil and Rydia are separated after their ship is attacked by Leviathan. Cecil presumes her dead and at this time he must face many trials and tribulations as he discards his old self and becomes a Paladin. As we learn, Rydia herself is going through her own changes with Leviathan himself and becoming a more powerful summoner.

    They are reunited after a lengthy period of separation, both having gone through many changes on their own. They are shown to still have a great respect for each other and a special bond that could not be broken by time. Rydia shows concern for Cecil and his relationship with Golbez later on, and Cecil struggles with not viewing her as a child anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rydia
    Who're you calling kids?
    In the end, they are wonderfully close friends and companions. I've always liked their relationship because it depicts a very close and intimate relationship between the two in a rather unique way. In the beginning it isn't like father and daughter but between a man atoning for his crimes and a little girl struggling to stay strong. When she grows up, their relationship is not romantic in nature despite being the main man and arguably the main lady. It's between two old friends who have grown to respect and trust one another. Their friendship is one that grows and evolves just as they do.

    This beautiful fanart can be found here

    What did you think of this friendship? What are some of your favourite moments between them? Any other relationships you would like to see covered? Let us know!
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