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    Square Enix announced a new project from their Business Division 5 unit, which is known for such games as Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, and Dragon Quest Builders. As of this time, the only information is this banner, which simply announces that something is coming soon. The image is borrowed from promotional art for Final Fantasy XIV, so could this new project have a connection? Is it possible that they'll give us a single player JRPG based in the Final Fantasy XIV world?

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    1. Fox's Avatar
      Fox -
      I certainly hope so! I'm really aching for Final Fantasy XIV but without other people.

      ...or rather, the game mechanics that are necessary to accommodate those other people.
    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      The closest they got to a single player mmorpg type game was XII w/ the Gambit system.
    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      Considering their other projects... I would say this is probably going to be an MMO or something with heavy online features, so I wouldn't get my hopes up for an offline XIV. Hell, let's hope it's not going to be FFXVI as SE's third MMO series since lately it feels like their MMOs are the only things they can do somewhat right taking a few dozen expansion/patches and possible complete rebuild.
    1. Del Murder's Avatar
      Del Murder -
      Great to hear that SE is working on projects. My guess is that they are working on a game of some sort. I look forward to future announcements that clarify that this is indeed a game, with further details to come over the next few years that this is in the RPG genre and will involve magic, weapons, characters, and enemies.
    1. Pike's Avatar
      Pike -
      I'm fine with online stuff but I would be more fine if there wasn't a subscription fee.

      I would've played so much more FFXIV by now if I wasn't constantly thinking "Nah, not worth the $15/month" and unsubbing for several months at a time.
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