• Square Enix NA Easter Suprise Bundle for PC!

    Do you like Square Enix games and also deals on those Square Enix games? Well, celebrate the Easter season between now and March 20th with a super surprise bundle! What games will you get? Who knows? But this supposedly has a value of $80 and it is all your for only $9.99.

    This is, for now, a North America Steam only deal, and you can also gift it to friends. The games will be revealed starting March 21st. You will receive 5 games individually for that cost so you can gift the ones you don't want think your friends would like more than you and keep the others for yourself. As is the spirit of Easter.

    Visit this website here to place your order!
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    1. Galuf's Avatar
      Galuf -
      We are abandoned again

      jk btw
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      gee thanks a lot for helping me save my money, SE.
    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      While I'm sure it's something pretty good, the cynic within me almost feels like it would turn out to be a copy of Lightning Returns, Kane and Lynch Dog Days, both of the FF Crystal Defenders games, and FFII.
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      I'm pretty sure it's gonna be 5 games selected from a pool of maybe 20, so that different people got different games. Makes for more trading of keys, and that brings more attention, which is part of what they seek from this sort of stuff.

      I'm gonna say it's probably gonna be one out of 3 30-35 dollar games games, two out of 5 20-ish dollar games, and some random filler trash to make the total value reach "over 80 dollars" for the remaining 3 titles.
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