• Pumpkin Judges! Your Outfit: Bravely Second Edition

    Welcome to another edition of Pumpkin Judges Your Outfit! Today we will be examining the recently released Bravely Second. Because if there's one thing the Bravely games do right, it's cute outfits on cute characters that have no feet. Warning: If you want to keep these jobs a ~surprise~ for when you play the game, this will obviously contain some spoilers. Also, there will be a lot of complaining about Tiz's new hair. A lot.

    So without further ado, let's get started!

    These will be ranked from my least favourite to my favourite overall looks. This is obviously subjective, so feel free to share your own opinions!

    30. Charioteer:

    Pros: Uhhh..... Magnolia doesn't look terrible?
    Cons: Ewwwww

    Worst: Edea. The way the clothes fit makes it look like she had an accident and it's sagging her outfit.
    Best: Magnolia. Just... it's a bit better than the others.

    29. Guardian

    Pros: Um, I like Magnolia's design.
    Cons: It looks like they're standing under a black light. They could be the decor for a rave.

    Worst: Tiz. The bangs in the helmet are meh.
    Best: Magnolia, I guess.

    28. Kaiser

    Pros: The look is kind of vampiric. Stylish in that sort of way.
    Cons: Overall doesn't make me excited though.

    Worst: Edea. Just doesn't suit her as well.
    Best: Tiz. The hair works here, miraculously.

    27. Time Mage

    Pros: It's a definite improvement over last game.
    Cons: The men still look bad.

    Worst: Tiz. Bad hair, bad outfit.
    Best: Magnolia. I like her little boots.

    26. Valkyrie

    Pros: The ladies.
    Cons: I think we've discovered why men aren't Valkyries.

    Worst: Tiz. The men in general though look like cyber-aliens. At least Yew has a bit of colour.
    Best: Edea. The soft blue looks really nice.

    25. Swordmaster

    Pros: Some nice detail and touches of colour.
    Cons: Just not really my style.

    Worst: Magnolia. It just looks frumpy.
    Best: Hats off to Edea for the pink, but Tiz takes it in the end.

    24. White Mage

    Pros: White and red look nice together. Yew's hat.
    Cons: Just kind of bland overall, especially the men.

    Worst: Tiz. Nothing exciting going on.
    Best: Magnolia, I suppose. I would like Edea's more but her bow stayed blue for some reason and it just really bugs me. Her bow changed for most of the other outfits to match better.

    23. Merchant

    Pros: It's just so over the top that's it's great.
    Cons: Can you imagine these people showing up to corporate meetings?

    Worst: Edea. The men have the better merchant look to me, and Magnolia pulls the lady merchant off slightly better.
    Best: Yew. That's a snappy blue suit.

    22. Ranger

    Pros: Archer characters are awesome and it's a good concept.
    Cons: It doesn't look as good as last game somehow.

    Worst: Edea. Her last one was much better.
    Best: Tiz. He pulls it off well. Maybe because his hair is hidden

    21. Exorcist

    Pros: The style of dress is very nice.
    Cons: It's ALMOST there, but not quite.

    Worst: Yew. The outfit is wearing him.
    Best: Magnolia. The dress style looks very nice on her.

    20. Templar

    Pros: It has a certain commanding look that I think it should have.
    Cons: I'm not really a fan of orange.

    Worst: Tiz is just kind of all over the place. And his hair hides his headgear.
    Best: Edea. The look suits her very well.

    19. Performer

    Pros: Always good for a smile.
    Cons: Those shorts are not working, Yew.

    Worst: Yew and his shorts.
    Best: Magnolia. I like her pigtails!

    18. Pirate

    Pros: I mean... PIRATES! Cute pirate outfits are a win.
    Worst: Kind of underwhelming.

    Worst: Yew just kind of gets lost in it.
    Best: Edea. Skeleton with heart eye all da way.

    17. Ninja

    Pros: It looks good.
    Cons: It just doesn't get me excited this time around.

    Worst: Tiz. I don't like the red mask.
    Best: Yew. I think he makes a fine looking young ninja.

    16. Summoner

    Pros: Nice touches of colour and the women look nice.
    Cons: The men look kind of nice but do drag it down and Agnes is still number one for this job.

    Worst: Tiz, please. We're telling you this because we love you. Cut your hair.
    Best: Magnolia. The arm straps and the boots sell it.

    15. Freelancer

    Pros: Everyone looks pretty nice except for Tiz.
    Cons: Not as unified as the others. No matching theme. It makes sense but it's less of a coherent look.

    Best: I like both of the ladies a lot as well as Yew. Probably Edea though. It suits her. Even though I prefer her BD freelancer oufit, sorry not sorry.

    14. Wizard

    Pros: Cute black tights.
    Cons: Kind of... bland.

    Worst: Tiz. All of those weird layers and that hair and everything. No.
    Best: Edea looks precious.

    13. Red Mage

    Pros: The black and red colour scheme is good. I like the flowers.
    Cons: This job was made for Ringabel and he's gone!

    Worst: Tiz. Just doesn't suit him.
    Best: Edea. She pulls it off well.

    12. Knight

    Pros: No one really looks bad.
    Cons: No one really looks great.

    Worst: Magnolia, I guess. Just doesn't work for me.
    Best: Yew. He's like a cute little knight whose cheeks you just want to pinch. Who's a big strong knight? You are! D'awww

    11. Bishop

    Pros: The ladies looks quite cute with their dresses and giant Pope hats.
    Cons: Why don't the men get giant Pope hats? They get Pope hoods. I call shenanigans.

    Worst: Tiz. The hair. THE HAIR. It's too much big messy hair with the big robes and I just... Get a haircut.
    Best: Magnolia. I like her dress a little bit more and I'm still a fan of changing the hair up.

    10. Astrologian

    Pros: The ladies outfits are colourful and contain some stylish eyewear. It's almost a smexy professor thing going on there, oh ho ho ho.
    Cons: The men. While I appreciate their stylish barrettes and owl looking chest pieces, the whole thing looks kind of drab overall.

    Worst: Yew, I think. The look just doesn't suit him.
    Best: I'll give it to Magnolia for the pretty hair braid and the colours.

    9. Patissier

    Pros: I love the accent colours to the off white base.
    Cons: Flat hats < Tall hats

    Worst: Edea actually, but none of them are really bad. Hers just falls a bit flat.
    Best: It was a tough one because I really like Magnolia's, but the colours of Yew with that hat are just a winning combination.

    8. Dark Knight:

    Pros: Looks sleek, very Dark Knighty.
    Cons: Doesn't stand out much because it's so.... black.

    Worst: Yew I guess. He looks about the same as Tiz but his helmet decor is a bit rounder which I think doesn't suit it as well. Minor nitpick though.
    Best: Magnolia. Nothing like long, luscious hair flowing out of your Dark Knight helmet. This look is all the rage in Paris right now.

    7. Hawkeye

    Pros: Everyone looks pretty sharp and I don't even like the cowboy look, usually.
    Cons: It is still a cowboy look, though. The women look much better than the men.

    Worst: Tiz. Yes, it's the hair.
    Best: Magnolia. Yes, it's the hair.

    (Note that the Hawkeye has a different version that you can look up)

    6. Yokai

    Pros: The ladies look amazing in these outfits!
    Cons: The men look a bit off, but nothing major.

    Worst: Yew? I think it's the ears.
    Best: While I like this outfit more in orange (amazingly), magnolia's hair sells it.

    5. Thief

    Pros: I don't know why but I do quite enjoy the thief look. It's like effortless style almost.
    Cons: Edea and that hood have some issues.

    Best: Magnolia and those adorable shorts with the ponytail are top notch. 10/10 would be robbed again.

    4. Monk

    Pros: The ladies just pull this one way up.
    Cons: The men look fine, but they could look better.

    Worst: Tiz. His pants look kind of diaperish.
    Best: Edea. Just like last game, those pigtails, that one sided ribbon, that dress. Top drawer, Edea. Top drawer.

    3. Black Mage

    Pros: It's a black mage and I heart black mages. Also the outfits overall are strong, I'm a fan of the hats of course.
    Cons: None of them pull it off as well as Agnes did.

    Worst: Edea I guess, but this was hard to pick. Nothing wrong with hers, just doesn't suit her as much as the others.
    Best: Tiz. His hair actually worked for him here. Cue gasp of disbelief.

    2. Fencer

    Pros: Imma be honest, Edea bumps this up a few notches. Although everyone looks pretty good in this. I enjoy the red/black colour scheme.
    Cons: While Magnolia's outfit is cute in theory, I don't find it worked as well as it could have.

    Worst: Magnolia. It just doesn't fit for some reason.
    Best: Edea. Seriously, one of my favourite outfits in the whole game. She looks sharp as heck.

    1. Catmancer

    Pros: I mean... look at them. They're adorable cat outfits.
    Cons: The men could have been a bit more colourful. Maybe some tabby stripes or something.

    Worst: Tiz. His hair ears get lost in the rest of his hair.
    Best: Edea. I love the pink and the cute little shorts. Her ribbon works well with the outfits.

    So these were my thoughts and rankings on the Bravely Second job outfits! Feel free to share your own. Also I got my screencaps from here, so check out the video in order to see each outfit rotated around so you can soak up the job outfityness.

    Until next time!
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    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      How dare you insult Catmancer Tiz?
    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      You wanna fight???
    1. sharkythesharkdogg's Avatar
      sharkythesharkdogg -
      I was all excited for the Cowpokes until I noticed they didn't have rifles or revolvers, just swords and axes (and shields??). WTF is that even?
    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkin View Post
      You wanna fight???
      Bring it on

      Fight me irl
    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      They do use guns it's just the video that I used to screencap didn't change their weapons in relation to the jobs
    1. CimminyCricket's Avatar
      CimminyCricket -
      What the smurf did they do to Tiz? His hair is so lame now.
    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      Plot reasons. And don't worry, the game keeps lampshading it, well aware of the fact that it's bad
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      CimminyCricket -
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