• Final Fantasy Talk: FFXII Zodiac Age Reaction

    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has many fans waiting in anticipation! This long-awaited HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII is finally coming to PS4 in 2017.

    Join me as I sit down with Wolf Kanno to talk about everything new in the HD rerelease of this wonderful Ivalice epic.

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    1. Midgar Mist's Avatar
      Midgar Mist -
      I thought that I was listening to a Chilled Out John McEnroe and a Jaded Bill Medley
    1. TastyRancidLemons's Avatar
      TastyRancidLemons -
      I'm so glad they're remaking FF 12! But with all the remakes coming out, I realised that this game is probably someone's childhood. And that makes me even happier. Final Fantasy has one of the strongest legacies in gaming history.
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