• FF Character Corner - Lenna/Reina!

    FF Character Corner - Lenna!

    Welcome one and all to the Final Fantasy character corner. What we will be doing here is taking characters from Final Fantasy and finding real world stuff inspired by them. So get out your wallet and your oven mitts and send both of them to me because I like those things! And while you're at it, check out some of this nifty stuff inspired by Final Fantasy V's Lenna, or Reina, whichever you prefer!

    Strawberry Shortcake!

    When I think of Miss Lenna, I can't help but think of that pink hair of hers, which reminds me of strawberries. Yes, I know they're red, but they always have such a pleasant colour in desserts, I find. So I found a Strawberry Shortcake recipe here, if you're feeling the sugar cravings.

    You will need:
    3 pints of fresh Strawberries
    1/2 cup white sugar
    2 1/4 cups of all purpose flour
    4 tspn baking powder
    2 tbsp white sugar
    1/4 tspn salt
    1/3 cup shortening
    1 egg
    2/3 cup of milk
    and 2 cups of whipped heavy cream

    You will then need to get in that kitchen and use these ingredients to make a dish!
    1. Slice strawberries and toss with that first 1/2 cup of sugar. Set that aside. Just put it off to the side!
    2. Preheat that oven to 420 degrees F. Needs to be hot like that fire ship. While that's doing it's thing, grease and flour an 8 inch round grease pan.
    3. Combine the flour, baking powder, 2 tbsp white sugar, and the salt. Cut the shortening in until the texture resembles coarse crumbs. Make a nice hole in the middle, like a strange meteor just crash landed in to it, and add the beaten egg and milk. Mix until just combined.

    Hang tight guys, we're almost there. Soon we will be full of delicious cake!

    4. Spread the batter in to that pan you greased just a little bit ago. Bake at 425 degrees F for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure it has that nice golden colour to it, like Krile's hair. Let it cool partially in the pan on one of those nifty wire racks.

    5. Now cut your beautiful cake in half to make layers. Put strawberries in the middle and on top, and top it with some delicious whipped cream. Consume! And that's how you make yourself a yummy Lenna inspired cake!

    Dragon Plushies!

    You know what Lenna liked? Dragons! Well, she liked lots of things, but also dragons! So wouldn't you too like to have a cutie dragon companion? The one above can be purchased right here.

    We also have this little purple one, looking adorably dragony on this fine day, and available across the pond.

    Or maybe you're more of a keychain dragon aficionado, in which case, you can get the cute little critters for that as well!

    Flower Arrangement

    Speaking of the nature loving Lenna, I can see her with this beautiful bouquet of Stargazer Lilies. The pinks and the greens seems like they'd be right up her alley. Why not try and make your own Lenna inspired bouquet? Or, if you like those, you can order them here. The site also has international sending in case you want to order it from abroad, or maybe find your own beautiful bouquet!

    And Last But Not Least...

    Who can forget Boko from FFV? Friend and companion to our heroes, why not honour the spirit of this game by sporting this beautiful chocobo feather pendant? You can order it right here in a variety of colours for a pretty affordable price if you feel like treating yourself.

    This has been our first edition of FF Character Corner. Did you enjoy it? Which characters would you like to see? Whta kind of stuff would you like to see featured? Let us know, and have yourself a Len-tastic day!

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