• Meet the FFXV English Voice Cast!

    Today, Final Fantasy XV's official Youtube channel released a video showcasing the voice actors of some of the main characters of the game. After much speculation, the official voices have finally been revealed (with Kari Wahlgren, the voice of Ashe from FFXII returning as Aranea Highwind, though she isn't featured in the video).

    Each of the actors soeajs about what makes their characters compelling to work with, and what the overall impression that Final Fantasy XV made on them was. Click on the video below to check them out for yourself!

    What are your thoughts on the voice actors and their respective talents? Do you think they fit what we know of the characters so far? (Personally, the reveal that Matthew Mercer was playing the role of Cor Leonis made my inner fangirl squee.)

    Let us know in the comments!
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    1. DMKA's Avatar
      DMKA -
      They all seem very talented, and like pretty good fits for their respective roles.

      I've actually seen people complaining about the English voice acting, and I have no clue why. It all sounds fine to me from what I've heard so far.
    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      Thanks for making this article. I started it this morning, but I couldn't find the words. Only wrote two sentences.
    1. McLovin''s Avatar
      McLovin' -
      That was great. Voices sound excellent. Hype is reaching levels I dont know what to do with.
    1. Karifean's Avatar
      Karifean -
      That sounds pretty great, actually. If I can I'll probably still go with the Japanese voiceovers because I'm a Mamoru Miyano fanboy, but this is definitely one of the better dubs I've heard in recent memory.
    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      There's gonna be a German dub for this as well, if you're interested Also, a French one is coming up! No word on whether they'll be adding Spanish voice-overs in updates, but sadly they're not gonna be there at launch.
    1. Karifean's Avatar
      Karifean -
      Oh I'll give the German dub a try for sure. Looking forward to see what that's gonna be like =P
    1. Shauna's Avatar
      Shauna -
      "noct and the lads"

      I love that guy already
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