• NieR: Automata TGS 2016 Gameplay

    Square Enix's followup to NieR made it to Tokyo Game Show this year and with a new demo showing off the tech and stylized combat that the developer Platinum Games is known for. The two gameplay videos were released from these demos showed off some impressive feats. The first displaying a story segment of the game that blends this action game with 2D side scrolling with a bit of platforming ensuring that the game will always give you new ways to keep your attention.

    The second video shows off the High Score Challenge Mode which is basic arena battle mode where you attempt to rack up as most points as possible within the time limit. Here we can witness the high speed intense combat in all it's glory. The attacks are viscous and visceral and even from the video you can feel the blows being delivered on each enemy. The combat appears very smooth and intuitive. In this gif we can see YoRHa switching from gauntlets to katanna halfway into the air combo flawlessly.

    The camera even pans into a top-down perspective keeping you on your toes. Nier: Automata is shaping up to be quite the sequel to 2010's NieR. NieR: Automata is due for a 2017 release, but those who can't wait quite that long will have an opportunity to try it a bit sooner as a demo is planned to release at the end of this year.
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    1. Sephiroth's Avatar
      Sephiroth -
      The 60 minutes were a bit disappointing for talking about a sequel to Nier. Explaining a bit who the charas are but of course not the blurry one (who is hopefully one of the old characters next to Emil), then showing normal gameplay, then using 20 minutes to show Time Attack three times and then spending the rest of the time for the Black Box Edition. It was nice but I would have preferred to see more for the sequel to what is the second best game of all time for me.

      The Drakengard series is a very emotional series with a lot of depth and very unconventional but also with a lot of flaws. Nier was the only one that really and was totally an RPG. I do not want to see in the end that just because of the improved combat it becomes more of a Hack 'n Slay like the rest of the series. Of course it was assured that it would be like Nier but like I already told someone - who still didn't get it - that does not need to mean it is going to be exactly like it. This "RPG" could still lose a lot and just because it is called "RPG" it might not end up being really one. Even Drakengard 3 was called so but lacked a lot. I am convinced it is more like Nier but for me the question is "is it enough like it". And for that I would have liked to see more. A former gameplay demo from months ago was more helpful. So seeing something similiar would have been nice. And of course more story and/or character details. Just knowing that this time there will be a "happy end", something that apparently is important for people who do not see that even the tragic endings of the series have a happy component, like Nier giving up his existence (tragic) and dooming the world (tragic) he still was able to save Kainé and Yonah and give them more time which was the entire point and something I would also do for those I love, so happy ending enough for me.
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      NeoCracker -
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      Aulayna -
      I wanted to like this game, but the demo really didn't float my boat.
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