• Ten Greatest Final Fantasy Tracks to play for Halloween.

    Final Fantasy has some great tracks over the years, and while creep and horror are not exactly the first words that come to mind when thinking of Final Fantasy, let alone it's sweeping scores of passion and adventure, the series has had it's fair share of tracks meant to unsettle the player.

    To make this more interesting, I plan on taking only one track per game.

    10) After the Battle (FFXV)
    A very soft and eerie vocal piece from the Platinum Demo that plays once you felled the Iron Giant. It's hardy the victorious fanfare of early FFs, instead feeling more reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus's somber victory themes that foreshadowed the trouble one was in. The theme almost feels like a warning from Carbuncle about the sad times ahead for the young Noctis.

    9) The Lunarians
    More eerie and awe inspiring than generally creepy, the Lunarian theme starts with a dark thunder to usher in a terrible revelation to the world of FFIV.

    8) The Feywoods
    Anyone who has accidentally stepped into the Feywoods before they were ready were often greeted by a creepy fog filled forest and this theme. Both of these alone pretty much told you to get the hell out of there before the Lv. 50 Mandragoras showed up to murder you. I won't even go into the battle against the great behemoth in the fog.
    7) The Evil Lord ExDeath
    When you're theme song starts with the same chords from the Psycho theme, you know you're in trouble. While this track is certainly more bombastic than other themes in this list, it earns this spot with it being one of the last musical themes you ever want to hear in FFV.

    6) Ominous
    This theme is much more subtle than the last, starting very softly and building tension throughout, the theme is almost perfect for giving the feeling of a slasher walking quietly behind your unsuspecting ass.

    5) Another World of Beasts
    Dark World was my other choice but this rendition of the esper world theme clinches the very feeling of eerie and other worldly. The theme is absolutely more haunting and gives off a feeling of foreboding that other tracks struggle to reach.

    4) The Pervert
    I feel a list like this that doesn't pay some lip service to the creepy abominations that are FFTactics' Lucavi is just not a list that should be made. The pervert combines the bombastic military musical themes of the game with a very dreadful and powerful build of tension. This gives the Lucavi a sense of dread sense the musical buildup almost gives you a feeling that something terrible is about to happen any minute.

    3) Succession of Witches
    Eerie and beautiful, the soft and simple harpsichord combined with the eerie Latin chanting makes this track come off far more chilling that the more dramatic main theme and parade scene versions. It lends the Sorceress' a more eerie and other worldly nature that makes them far more intimidating and perfectly captures a western sense of dread that witches evoke in their psyche.

    2) Kuja's Theme
    Kuja's theme is interesting by being both dramatic but sounding very off. Perfectly illustrating Kuja's narcissistic personality but hinting at his unhinged mind that becomes more apparent as the story moves along. This piano rendition brings out the more off putting and sinister elements of his theme.

    1) Who are you...?
    Easily one of the creepiest themes in the series and the first one that came t mind when I chose to make this list. The theme of Cloud's psychosis is one of the best foreshadowing of the true nature of Cloud and his mind. The piano is both haunting in its off chord that screams out something is wrong here. The hallucinations and inner monologuing that usually plays out while this playing really gives a serious feeling of horror that earlier entries could never do justice to.

    Did you enjoy the list? Felt I glossed over a more deserving track, then feel free to comment on it.
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    1. FifthDream's Avatar
      FifthDream -
      Because it is reminiscent of another classic Halloween song.....

      FFXIV OST - Good King Moggle Mog's Theme
    1. charliepanayi's Avatar
      charliepanayi -
      Trail of Blood (FFVII) and The Castle (FFVIII) would be good choices too.
    1. Slothy's Avatar
      Slothy -
      I could listen to the Lunarians all day long.
    1. maybee's Avatar
      maybee -
      Dancing Doll Calcobrena - FFIV !

      Want to make a FF/ Halloween playlist now, somebody so should !
    1. Loony BoB's Avatar
      Loony BoB -
      FifthDream beat me to my first thought. xD
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