• 10 Things We Can't Wait to Do in Final Fantasy XV

    Final Fantasy XV is almost upon us and in anticipation we at EOFF have conducted our top ten things we can't wait to do in Final Fantasy XV.

    1. Use the Moogle Doll

    Even though I am a bit disappointed by the inclusion of moogles in this game I am slightly intrigued by this decoy function. The moogle trailer suggested that only once could be used per in-game day so I would use this wisely against the foes roaming across Lucis and the world of Final Fantasy XV

    2. Try the Fishing Mini Game

    Ocarina of Time has made me instantly interested in any game with a fishing mini game so that's the main reason why I want to try out the fishing mini game as soon as I can and you can even cook the fish too, so that's a plus.

    3. Run Around on a Chocobo

    Chocobos are one of my favorite recurring features of the Final Fantasy series and for me there's nothing like the joy of running around on this giant yellow chicken in a 3D environment. In Final Fantasy XV chocobos offer an optional way of travel over the car and can access areas the vehicle cannot. I can't wait to kick the first enemy I see on it and to drift across fields on its yellowy hide. You can also hug one and how adorable is that?

    4. Try Out As Much Magic As I Can

    Magic is a core element of Final Fantasy combat and with Final Fantasy XV changing up how it's traditionally used it has me inclined to try it out as soon as possible. XV's magic akin to grenades in shooters. It's gathered from the field and it's thrown hitting with a blast radius. Magic also has different effects based on your area and weather. I'm definitely throwing out a Thundara during a rainstorm and will scorch lands in a Firaga glory.

    5. Call a Summon

    Summons are one of my favorite parts of Final Fantasy, they're grandiose and sometimes filled with lore. In Final Fantasy XV with these beasts ranging from sizes of a cat to a colossal titan I am eager to cast one as soon as I get it and enjoy those spectacular cinematic attacks.

    6. Take the Regalia for a Spin

    Featured heavily in the game's marketing, the Regalia may be one of the most notable things differentiating FFXV from previous FFs. Sure, we had the buggy in FFVII and you could rent cars in FFVIII, but the Regalia is something else! With its slick black coating - which can actually be customized to your liking - I can't wait to take this regal ride for a spin throughout the vast world of Eos on what looks to be the roadtrip of a lifetime.

    7. Find Hidden Dungeons and Explore Them

    Eos is enormous, and going around hunting down marks is really only half of its main draw. Scattered throughout the landscape are dungeons that provide an additional challenge and looting spot! I'm really looking forward to accidentally stumbling into an abandoned mine or unexplored cave and find out what lies beneath.

    8. Feast My Eyes with Ignis's Cooking

    As the prince of a wealthy kingdom, Noctis has the privilege of taking one of the world's finest chefs along with him. The food Ignis cooks for the party grants them a plethora of status buffs, but the most exciting thing for me is that each dish is presented in an incredibly detailed way that makes my mouth water just looking at it!

    9. Hear the Banter Between Friends

    No other game in the series has made it a point to explore the relationships between close friends as they travel across the world on a road trip. I can't wait to hear them complain about the heat, Prompto asking "are we there yet?" only for Gladio to shut him up with a clever retort. From the demos and footage we've seen, the group feels like a group of real people with genuine, organic-sounding banter. Here's hoping the full game is brimming with this.

    10. Take in the Story

    For ten years we've waited to see what exactly is the story behind all these enticing concept trailers. The time has finally come, and whether I end up liking it or not, the story will definitely be something, simply because it signals the end of one era, and the beginning of the next. I've dodged enough spoilers over the last few days - time to check it out and make up my own mind about it!

    And that's our ten. If you're planning on getting Final Fantasy XV let us know what you can't wait to do in the comments below.
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    1. Sephiroth's Avatar
      Sephiroth -
      Been there done that.
    1. Gzussaves's Avatar
      Gzussaves -
      Also to play with all the stuff that comes in the Ultimate Collector's edition
    1. Psychotic's Avatar
      Psychotic -
      Good article guys. I am hoping I can smash the Regalia right into a monster. Preferably a Bomb for maximum impact. I mean, you probably can't but a guy can dream
    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      No off-roading, sadly
    1. Bubba's Avatar
      Bubba -
      What the hell is on that plate? I want it now. I've just had my breakfast and I still want it. Now.
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