• We shall fight like Princes and Oracles...and shirtless bodygaurds! It's Morphin Time

    Square-Enix has begun to tease info for their first story DLC focusing on Gladiolus and featuring one of Final Fantasy's most beloved dimension hopping blowhards, Gilgamesh.

    Episode Gladio will focus on the character and have him come face to face with the infamous swordsman. The DLC Producer has mentioned that Gladio will get the chance to explore parts of the world that were not featured in the game. This one of several story DLC promised by Tabata and the development team several months ago, with each episode giving one of the other cast members a time to shine away from Noctis and allow the player to really see what the rest of the party can do.

    This is one of only several different DLC packs being prepared for the newest installment of the franchise. Info on the Holiday Pack has already been revealed, and Tabata has already mentioned further story enhancements planned much later for the game.

    Info source: Siliconera.
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    1. Scruffington's Avatar
      Scruffington -
      Gladio DLC is probably the one I'm most interested in. Aside from the bs with Jared, his story felt the most "complete" of the cast.

      Hopefully we get a complete side-story in this DLC, a fun battle with Gilgamesh, and some cool environments to play in. If they nail all of those, I'll be super happy.

      Also I'm excited to listen to XV's rendition of Battle on the Big Bridge.
    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      Gladiolus solo? I guess we finally getting the rest of the cast playable in some form.
    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      My bad, I've been avoiding any ambiguous threads in the forum since I'm still trying to finish the game.
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