• First Full Look at Dragon Quest XI Gameplay

    At the Recent Jump Festa event, Square Enix showed off the first footage of the next installment in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI. Lots of information was revealed during the stream showing the opening cinematic, a gameplay related video exploring the map and a town, and a cutscene introducing one of the game's party members, the thief Camus. Dragon Quest XI's director, Takeshi Uchikawa, said the following about the game's map, "It is a vast map comparable to previous Dragon Quest titles. It won’t betray your expectations.”

    What is particularly interesting about the 3DS footage is that the two screens display the same information in two different engines. The top in a full 3D world with modern graphics and the bottom in classic sprite era graphics.

    Dragon Quest XI will be the first DQ since VIII to release on a PlayStation platform. It will also be coming to the 3DS and the Switch. As of right now it is planned to release in Japan next year, but there is likely going to be a western release as well.

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      I am staring at my physical copy of Dragon Warrior VII right now, and I vividly remember clocking hours of gameplay and only just beating that fire element Easter Island statue boss.

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      Yeah, beat I to VII and played a bit of VIII in the past and they're really not that grindy. Of course, grindier than FF, but still not as demanding as other RPGs out there
      Depends on the version actually. Most of the remakes tone down the grind, but the originals were kind of guilty of it. If it wasn't XP that was in short demand then it was usually Gold. Either way, it always seemed like you were under-leveled or under-equipped.
      Exactly how I felt about VIII. You'd get strong enough for the boss only to repeat the grind for the next one. I remember grinding so hard and that one mole boss still taking a century to kill with hi tension on everybody.
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