• The Moogle Chocobo Carnival will hit January 23rd!

    The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is almost here for Final Fantasy XV! In this limited time event, you'll be able to play carnival games and have fun in Altissia.

    The festivities begin in North America starting January 23 at 5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET. Itíll be up in Europe on January 24 at 2:00am CET and in Japan at 10:00am JST. The event will be available until February 19 at 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET for North America, and Europe on February 20 at 1:00am CET and Japan at 9:00am JST.

    Check out this trailer for the event!

    Don't forget to purchase the Holiday DLC pack to get your free ticket to the carnival!
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    1. Shauna's Avatar
      Shauna -
      Ah, fair enough. That's cool. Might drop in to do the LIMITED TIME FUN. Who thought this was a good idea. xD
    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      Hopefully they'll make these 'limited time' things more permanent in the future. It really kicks people who haven't got the game yet in the teeth.
    1. Bubba's Avatar
      Bubba -
      Why so soon after release? Especially on a game like this. I've spent 30-35 hours in-game at the minute and I'm only on Chapter 5! Some of us don't have a lot of spare time...

      I'm not having the Altissia arrival spoiled for me so I'll have to give this a miss
    1. Saber's Avatar
      Saber -
      All I ended up with is two new uniforms. I got them just by going in. I don't think anything there is missable but maybe 1 or 2 easter eggs.
    1. Scruffington's Avatar
      Scruffington -
      So this event ends on Feb. 19th? Looks like I'll have time to try it at some point.

      How are people finding it so far? Is there a decent amount of content?
    1. Saber's Avatar
      Saber -
      There is a few things you can do.

      1. Chocobo Races (Two trophies)
      2. A riddle game. (No prizes)
      3. Take photos. (No prizes)
      4. Find Mogs. (No prizes)
      5. Fishing (There is new types of fish)
      6. Learn two recipes
      7. Find Chickobos. (No prizes)
      8. Plus there is 3+ items you can get only by collecting Choco-Mog Tokens. (This is a paint job for the car, a chocobo egg which no one knows will do, and more I can't remember. Stuff like the ticket to see the firework show but that I believe lands you the egg. There is more stuff to do. I just can't recall.
    1. Mercen-X's Avatar
      Mercen-X -
      So... I rushed through the main events of this carnival my first time through. While supposedly I was to receive a Dream Egg among my key items, I didn't. As a matter of fact, after resting at the Leville, I'm forced to watch the fireworks forever and cannot leave without selecting Return to Title which has the consequence of not saving progress. I've tried this multiple times, always to the same effect. What am I doing wrong?
    1. Saber's Avatar
      Saber -
      The fireworks last a long time. You are not waiting long enough. I would try taking some photos and waiting it out. After the fire works are done you will get the egg as well as being able to explore again.

      On another note, you get a new reel and rod for fishing. You can even get some lures that might be exclusive. After the fireworks show you can get a VIP ticket for 99 Choco-mog medallions.
    1. Mercen-X's Avatar
      Mercen-X -
      My first time, I sat and watched the fireworks for 20 minutes. It's repetitive and has no clear ending. How the hell long am I supposed to wait?
    1. Raistlin's Avatar
      Raistlin -
      By my recollection, you're given a prompt where you can choose to leave/stop taking photos after a while (it didn't feel like much more than 5 minutes to me). You may have accidentally clicked not to leave, or maybe didn't do something required to trigger the prompt (e.g., taking pictures).
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