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    With the impending completion of World of Final Fantasy, I thought I would take a few moments to share with everyone some of my favourite mirages from the game! There are minor spoilers if you want to keep the transfigurations a surprise, but I will be sharing the evolution lines of these magnificent mirage friends. Enjoy and feel free to share your own favourites!

    Unicorn --> Odin

    It takes a while to be able to complete this line, but who doesn't want a chibi horse that turns in to the legendary Odin?

    Dualizard --> Trihyde --> Tiamat

    Okay, so the first form is the cutest by far, but it's hard not to get attached when I got this mirage very early in my game. He was there with me through a large chunk of my journey. Also, chibi Tiamat.

    Cockatrice --> Valefor

    Another Mirage you'll need to wait a while to see the payoff for, but the Cockatrice, a common series enemy, leads way to the majestic Valefor.

    Cactrot --> Gigantrot

    What's the difference between the Cactuars and the Cactrots, you ask? Not... not much. But both are uber useful with their Needles and/or Meedles attacks.

    Babyhemoth --> Behemoth --> Behemonster

    Isn't Babyhemoth just the most precious thing? Here we get to witness the FF staple grow from a baby in to it's awkward teenage years and then finally in to the Mega-Mirage we all knew it could become!

    Black Chocochik --> Hyperion

    Fans of Chocobos and the Gold Saucer should be familiar with Hyperion here. And yes, this Mirage is absurdly fast.

    Fritt --> Affrite --> Ifreeta

    We all know Ifrit, but how about trying something new with Femfrit, a.k.a. Ifreeta?

    Mist Dragon --> Holy Dragon

    Fans of Final Fantasy IV might like seeing the chibi Mist Dragon and bringing it up to the even more regal Holy Dragon.

    Spark Dragon --> Red Dragon

    Or perhaps you prefer some lightning and fire type mythical lizard beasts? Or you could always do what I did and get both sets and have twinsy dragons!

    Black Nakk --> Elefenrir

    Another Mirage that was with me since early game, I find the Black Nakk to be cuter than his grey counterpart. However, you can get the other line and find yourself with a Fenrir!

    Moogle --> Kupirate

    It's a Moogle that turns in to a pirate Moogle. Need I say more?


    Yep. Just Phoenix. Damage dealing and reviving at the same time? Yes, please.

    Zapt --> Zaphr --> Ramewl

    Sure, the middle form looks like it's trying too hard to be in a terrible 80's garage band, but the other two are absolutely precious. Also, Ramewl is the daughter of Ramuh!

    Mini Flan --> Flan --> Flan Princess

    Sometimes you have to put up with ugly blob monsters to end up with the adorable Flan Princess.

    Baby Paleberry --> Paleberry --> Paleberry King

    Baby Paleberry is one of the most adorable things I've laid eyes on in this game, and the Paleberry King is magical. Cousins to the Tonberry line!

    Deathskull --> Undead Princess

    Two adorable forms and adds to the already large amount of royalty in my party!

    Sylph --> Siren

    Another one you'll have to be patient for the payoff with, but it's worth it for the wonderful Siren!

    Serafie --> Diva Serafie

    While I like Siren more than Serafie, I can't deny that I like Diva Serafie the most. What can I say, the pink just gets me.

    Mu --> Skull Eater --> Carbuncle

    Who would have thought that these relatively minor, if not somewhat doofy looking series enemies would transfigure in to the absolutely adorable Carbuncle?

    Bablizz --> Mishiva --> Shiva

    I am in love with every Mirage in this transfiguration line.

    Quacho --> Quacho Queen

    I've saved the best for last. My absolute favourite Mirage of the game is the Quacho Queen, finishing up with yet another member of Mirage royalty in my party.

    These were my favourite mirages of the game. What do you think? Agree or disagree with some of these? Who were your favourites?
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      i guess i really should play this... it's smurfing adorable. ):
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