• Final Fantasy XV will be doing a crossover event in Terra Battle

    Mistwalker Studios announced another crossover event with Square-Enix focusing on Final Fantasy XV with Noctis and various monsters from Final Fantasy XV taking their princely adventures to the world of Mistwalker's Terra Battle.

    The event begins on April 27th, and will have the player help Noctis, Ignis, Gladious, and Prompto battle FF mainstays like Behemoth and Titan. Completing the event will give the player the chance to unlock one of three variants of Noctis with different weapon specialties. For those familiar with Terra Battle, this will be similar to the Bahamut events or The Last Story event they occasionally do.

    No word on whether anything from Terra Battle may show up in Final Fantasy XV, or any news on the console version of Terra Battle.

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      maybee -
    1. Elly's Avatar
      Elly -
      /sarcasm/ woohoo just what i wanted, a crossover with a cellphone game, most awesomest idea ever, someone deserves a raise and a promotion!!! /sarcasm/
    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      To be fair, Terra Battle is actually a pretty fun game.
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      fat_moogle -
      They should have added this game to one of FFXV's arcade machines or have the guys download it on their phones.
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