• Square Enix Spring Clearance Sale

    Until May 8th, Square Enix is having a huge sale at their North American online store. Games for systems going as far back as the Playstation era are available for a s little as $7.49. Included are all their hit series Deus Ex, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and of course, Final Fantasy. Also available are collectibles such as plushes and soundtracks. Click on the lonk below to check out the selection:

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    1. Vyk's Avatar
      Vyk -
      Everything I'd want is out of stock or on backorder. Fascinating that some of them are even theoretically available. Crazy old games
    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      I was kind of surprised they had stuff going back to the PSX era. They must've found some boxes in the back of the warehouse.
    1. Vincent, Thunder God's Avatar
      Vincent, Thunder God -
      Does anyone know if they offer pricing in Canadian dollars or if it's CAD to USD conversion? I might buy some stuff if they offer fair pricing but it could be too expensive for me if it's in USD.
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