• Multiplayer in a single player FF because reasons?

    Somehow the cry for "Multiplayer Blitzball" got misunderstood and they put multiplayer into Final Fantasy XV. I know, a travesty really. One day we'll get our Blitzball Manager, one day.

    For now though! Final Fantasy XV has an open beta from August 3rd-8th for those with PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Subscriptions who bought the game and the season pass.

    Siliconera had more information about the expansion that is being called Final Fantasy XV: Comrades:

    The Comrades closed online beta is expected to run from August 3-8, 2017, though those are only “projected” dates. People who have a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live subscription and have purchased the Final Fantasy XV season pass will be able to play. People testing the game will be able to make and use up to eight avatars, using limited customization options. The only weapons available are the club, dagger, katana, and shuriken, and only four default Royal Sigils will be available in the test version. They will visit a closed beta base camp, go through a tutorial then have three quests, each with up to three legs, to complete with other players. The game will match people up with others, and preset chat messages and voice chat will be available. Cooking is present, with each quest participant getting one ingredient after a quest, and Meteorshard quest rewards will be doled out. (Meteorshards can’t be used in the closed beta.)

    Some details on the full version of Final Fantasy XV’s Comrades was also provided. In the full game, you get to develop your avatars using experience, eventually getting to use Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto after the expansion is updated. Your avatar will start in a city, rather than the closed beta base camp, and can use crossbows, polearms, and shields in addition to the closed beta’s weapons. Weapons can be leveled up and have abilities. There will also be more Royal Sigils. In the full game, your characters will be customized with quest rewards and items purchased in shops, there will be single and multiplayer quests, some with storylines. Meteorshards will help you get more quests or add new activities to the game, there will be more cooking options, and your online interaction options will allow you to make camps, access more chat options, take photos with people, and get Quest Report Cards after working with people.

    Are you interested in Multiplayer in Final Fantasy XV?
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    1. Aulayna's Avatar
      Aulayna -
      You had a Blitzball Manager in FFX-2 though?

      I'm kinda interested in this, then again I'm kinda not. The screenshots look very... rough around the edges.. and it basically just looks like we'll be playing as what will look like any other randomly generated NPC in the world.

      Could be fun, could be troute.
    1. LunarWeaver's Avatar
      LunarWeaver -
      I got over this game surprisingly quick, even with their somewhat perplexing philosophy of updating it all the time. So personally not excited. It's nice for people still into it though! Hope it turns out fun.
    1. Psychotic's Avatar
      Psychotic -
      I don't think this game is suited to multiplayer, but regardless it's kinda too late. I beat it and I moved on.
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